My Inspiration – Tom Stewart (High Fliers)

Thursday, August 26 2010
My Inspiration – Tom Stewart (High Fliers)



A proper Scottish winter of 1976, I remember walking over the football fields with my mates probably discussing who was cooler in The Towering Inferno, Steve or Paul… (McQueen of course). I was totally unaware at that point that I was about to understand why movies were going to be so important to me for the rest of my life… And then came Jaws.

Sitting there then at nine years old, truly relishing terrifying fantastic moments… the opening music, the hippy swimmer, the bobbing head, the “we’re going to need a bigger boat,  SOB…

The perfect buddy-cast, music, script… the effects, well, it doesn’t matter, I love Bruce…

Film heaven to me and will always be in my Top 10 best ever films.

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