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Thursday, August 26 2010
Looking Hot…

We covered this on last week’s Raygun newsletter, but it really is worth closer inspection.

It’s the latest from Arrow Video, the Arrow Films imprint that deals in classic old video fare, films predominantly from what we’d called the golden age of video – the 1970s and 80s – often wrongly dubbed nasties, but horror or cult fare with a stylised feel.

Arrow Video’s mission is simple. It is taking these classics and giving them a release that is worthy of their standing among those in the know.

“We wanted to do something to get the fans excited,” said Arrow’s Alex Agran. “In a declining market, a lot of DVDs look sterile. We wanted to bring something back to the fans of cult movies, give them something different.

“We wanted to present things within the DVD [and Blu-ray] package that haven’t been done before, or done for a long time.”

This means multiple sleeves for each release –  four to choose from, including original theatrical and DVD images, international designs and, for each release, brand new, specially commissioned artwork.

In addition to that, there’s postcards, a booklet with new features and editorial, a double-sided poster and, on the disc(s) themselves, a whole host of additional material, much of it again created for Arrow Video’s release.

It now has 15 or so titles in its roster, with Inferno the next to follow on September 13.

“Arguably the releases are getting better and better,” said Agran. “We’re developing a reputation as being the best cult label around. [For Inferno] we’ve been working with the materials and on the restoration for five or six months.”

As well as getting better, Arrow is commissioning more and more of its own new materials for each release.

“We are increasing our spending,” admitted Agran, “but it works. We’re commissioning three or four new extras with every new release, but they’re selling at full price.

“It was a big gamble and a big expectation to start with, but there’s a real anticipation for every release now.”

Arrow Video is closely aligned to forums, such as Cult Labs, which helps it have a dialogue with its fans. “It’s all about finding out what the fans want,” said Agran. “In this industry there’s not a lot of communication with the end consumer.”

With an ambitious forthcoming slate that will take in action and other cult titles as well as more horror from the likes of Argento, Arrow Video is definitely hitting the bullseye.

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