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Tuesday, August 24 2010
Mobile Solutions

More from Manga’s Live Action imprint, Tokyo Gore School has more than a dash of Battle Royale thrown into the mix, but it’s given a hugely contemporary feel thanks to the fact that the conduit for the assorted punch-ups and incidents between teenage schoolkids across the Japanese capital is a mobile phone game in which they have to pick off rivals.

It’s more strong anime-influenced Asian fare from the live action wing of Manga, and we particularly liked the sleeve image, as featured here.

As Manga’s Jerome Mazandarani stated: “Tokyo Gore School is a high concept chase thriller form the director of Chanbara Beauty featuring some of Japan’s latest up and coming young actors.

“Manga has adopted a targeted online and press campaign to hit fans of Battle Royale and J-Horror along with a viral teaser trailer mimicking the movie’s main plot device, a viral game spread by mobile phones that becomes deadly.”

See the trailer below…

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