My Inspiration – Phil Davis (Elevation Sales)

Thursday, August 19 2010
My Inspiration – Phil Davis (Elevation Sales)

Barry: “You don’t have it? That is perverse. Don’t tell anybody you don’t own f*****g Blonde on Blonde. It’s gonna be okay.” [sighs deeply and hugs customer]

High Fidelity

Okay I’ll admit straight off the bat that High Fidelity is not my all-time favourite film (so please save the emails…) but I think it does show why and how I (and many other people I can think of) came to work in the industry.
I started out working in a long-defunct indie record shop chain. What got me through the day were top ten lists and sometimes heated arguments about Schwarzenegger’s best film (Predator), Neil Young’s greatest album (After The Gold Rush, naturally), or the benefits of upgrading to the then new format of DVD. It was all about passion for the product, be it a kind of music, a type of film or a preference of format.
Fast-forward to the present day and I work at Elevation Sales, where a passion for product is still key. I’m pleased to report that I have daily conversations with customers, competitors and colleagues about the relative merits of, for instance, the director’s cut of Aliens, or did Sean Penn out-act Mickey Rourke to win that Oscar? In what other industry could I be as passionate about my job as I am about my favourite entertainment?
But perhaps the biggest buzz I get is seeing something I care about on shelves, in windows and, most importantly, being scanned through tills up and down the country. I reckon the almost sage-like Rob, Dick and Barry in High Fidelity would know exactly where I’m coming from.

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