DVD Commentary

Tuesday, August 3 2010
DVD Commentary

We covered this on The Raygun newsletter recently and Pete V Life is now getting the full Channel 4 support package ahead of its bow this week on the channel, before its DVD release courtesy of 4DVD on September 6.

The trailer here will tell you all you need to know – it follows the life of, you guessed it, Pete, a struggling sports writer (aren’t we all), whose calamitous existence is given an added dimension by the commentary and analysis of two sports commentators.

Originally planned for a one off as part of the Comedy Showcase strand, it was so good that it a full series was swiftly commissioned. As well as having a genuinely original premise, it also boasts a fine pedigree too, with producers from Channel 4/4DVD’s hugely successful Peep Show and the writing team behind Star Stories involved too.

Have a look at the embedded trailer for more.

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