Coronavirus – Industry Updates w/c March 30

Monday, April 6 2020
Coronavirus – Industry Updates w/c March 30

We’re continuing with a weekly post highlighting changes and news in the industry relating to Coronavirus issues over the current seven day period, this week covering the week beginning March 30.

As noted last week, with the Coronavirus causing disruption to the business, much of the home entertainment business (aka the video industry) working from home and the ever-changing and updating situation surrounding the business, The Raygun will be updating regularly through the hours, days and weeks to let you know what’s happening, what companies are doing, what can be done work-wise, how the industry is coping and more

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Update Monday March 30, 4pm
News comes from the Federation Against Copyright Theft, aka FACT, which is noting that as demand for content in the form of film and TV product grows, so does online piracy. Here’s its statement in full…
“Our thoughts are with everyone affected by COVID-19 during this extraordinary time. In the current circumstances, the demand for online content is set to increase significantly over the coming weeks. Where there is an increase in content consumption, online piracy is significant.
“At FACT we have over three decades of experience in protecting content for rights holders, studios and independent film producers. We understand the value of your content and the vital need to protect it.
“FACT operates a bespoke system which monitors a vast number of sources to detect infringing content, including torrent sites and illicit streams. We can also offer early leak detection of new releases and content. We take action against uploaders, using takedown notifications, to ensure that this content is removed.
“We have contingency measures in place to allow business to continue and are ready and able to protect your content. Get in touch, we’re here to help.”

Update Wednesday April 1
The BBFC has issued further guidance about its working practices during the current Coronavirus criss and how best distributors can work with the organisation to get product classified.
Here is its notice in full…
“We know that coronavirus is currently posing challenges for many content distribution models, especially with regard to theatrical and packaged media releases. With this in mind, some of you may be wondering how best to get content ready for online release.
“To help you assess your options, we have put together this quick guide to getting the right BBFC age rating for your online releases:
“If you already have a cinema rating
“If we have rated your content for theatrical release, but not yet for DVD/Blu-ray, we can help you get it ready for online release faster. Your content will need a BBFC rating in order to be sold on many digital platforms, but we can prioritise classification of your digital release ahead of your physical release via our Watch & Rate service. If you then submit the identical work for a DVD or Blu-ray rating, your Watch & Rate cost is off-set against the new charge.
“If you are also releasing on DVD
“If we have already rated your content for DVD, Blu-ray or VHS, you can use your rating on digital video services licensed by the BBFC. This means that you can release your content, without getting it re-rated, on any of the services listed on our website.
“For DVD/Blu-ray distributors in the VPRC packaging approval scheme: if you are not yet in a position to submit your DVD/Blu-ray packaging for approval but want to release the content online first, let us know and we will be happy to complete the classification process for it. That way, you can release the classified work online – and if you later decide to do a DVD/Blu-ray release, you’ll just need to remember to submit the packaging for approval before you release the DVD/Blu-ray.
“If your content will premiere on streaming or VOD
“You aren’t required by law to have a BBFC rating for online release, but many VOD and streaming services require them.
“You can submit your content for a cost-effective digital-only age rating using our Watch & Rate service, which costs around 57% less than having a work rated for DVD or Blu-ray release.
“Submitting your content is easy and flexible. We can accept your content via a number of digital file formats, or we can view from your Media Asset Management system. You can use your existing account to make submissions, or you can request an account on our website.
“We’re here to help. Please get in touch with the team to talk about options for your content, and about our digital services.”