2017 – The Year In Numbers

Wednesday, January 3 2018
2017 – The Year In Numbers

The year is done and, as sure as the inevitable miserable return to work and accompanying rail fare rises, so the powers that be – in this instance trade organisation BASE and retail equivalent ERA – have released some of the key numbers and figures for 2017.

So here, presented in number form, are some of the highlights – and a few lowlights – from the year gone by. This then is the year that was…

7.24 billion – the value, in billions of pounds, of the UK entertainment market in 2017, the highest it’s ever been

8.8 – the percentage rise in the overall  entertainment market in 2017. The combined video, music and games market grew at a rate more than four times that of the wider UK economy…

Five – the number of successive years the UK entertainment market has shown growth

71.9 – the percentage of entertainment revenue derived from digital services

7.2 the total percentage decline in physical sales across video, music and games

2.69 billion – the value of the total video market in pounds in 2017

742.1 million – the amount of pounds that the physical video market was worth in 2017

22.2 – the growth in percentage points in the digital video sector in 2017

1.906 billion – the value of the digital video market in pounds in 2017

17 – the percentage decline in physical video sales, described by ERA as “the most challenged sector”

16.3 – the percentage fall in the physical rental market in 2017

40.5 million – the value in pounds of the physical rental market in 2017

7.5 – the percentage growth in the total video market across physical, retail and rental, and digital

38 – the percentage of video consumers who own across physical and digital

62 – the percentage of video consumers who rent or stream product

51 – the percentage of transactional spend devoted to physical product

1.55 million – the total units sold by the year’s bestseller, Disney’s Beauty And The Beast, across digital and physical

74 – the percentage of Beauty And The Beast’s sales that came from DVD

13 – the percentage of Beauty’s sales that were on Blu-ray, as well as the percentage sold through downloading a digital version

1.38 million – the total number of units sold by the year’s second biggest, another Disney title, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

36 – the percentage split towards Blu-ray in Rogue One sales

13 – the percentage of Rogue One sales that came from digital downloads

14.5 – the overall percentage of physical video sales that come from Blu-ray

640,000 – sales achieved by Dunkirk from its December release date though to the end of 2017

1 million – all of the year’s top five sellers shifted more than 1 million units

500,000 – and the rest of the year’s top 10 sellers all went past the half a million mark too

100,000 – all of the top 15 bestsellers in the children’s sector passed the six figure mark in terms of sales

1 million – the total number of sales passed by Disney’s Moana

7.7 million – the amount of revenue in pounds generated by Game Of Thrones in its seventh and 1-7 boxset formats

250,000 – total sales for Game Of Thrones Complete Seventh Season and Complete 1-7

710,000 – total sales for Game Of Thrones across all the different SKUs in 2017

19.7 – Universal’s market share in volume terms in 2017, making it the leading distributor for the year

18.2 – Universal’s market share in value terms, meaning it topped  both year-end distributor listings

21.5 – Warner’s market share for the Blu-ray market in value terms in 2017, making it the leading high definition distributor

18.5 – Warner’s market share for Blu-ray in volume terms, again putting it in the top slot

16,000 – unit sales of Dunkirk in 4K Ultra HD in 2017, sold within a matter of days from December 18 to the end of the year

279 – percentage growth for 4K Ultra HD releases in 2017

199 – the amount of 4K Ultra HD titles in 2017

Numbers taken from BASE and ERA published figures…

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