Taken The Mickey

Thursday, July 2 2015
Taken The Mickey

“I don’t know who you are, I don’t know your dad, but I bet he has a very particular set of skills… Skills he has acquired over a very long career of being a dad… Skills that I bet you don’t even appreciate because he’s Taken For Granted, isn’t he?”

Aping Liam Neeson’s speech as the aggrieved dad out to find various members of his family in the Taken franchise, those very words were how Fox kicked off an impressive stunt to support the studio’s pre-Father’s Day release of the third instalment in the series, Taken 3.

Under the banner of Taken For Granted, the major set up a fake phone box in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, rang the phone during busy periods and connected passers-by to Bryan Mills impersonator Chalie Hopkinson.

Backed up by impressive research – two thirds of the public don’t know when Father’s Day is, seven out of 10 dads feel taken for granted (geddit?) and 80 per cent would be happy with just a phone call – Hopkinson, or rather Mills, gave his variation on the character’s speech and then urged them to ring their dads…

And of course, the phone box was plastered with assorted Taken 3 image and details, both inside and out. The result? Well, the film is in the 20 biggest selling titles of 2015 thus far, after barely more than two weeks on release, showing its appeal…

You can see the highlights here:


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