I Second That Emotion

Wednesday, July 1 2015
I Second That Emotion

It’s been described as a return to form for Pixar (although some of its rival companies would die for the run of Toy Story, Cars and Monsters University sequels that have made up the bulk of the Disney-owned company’s slate in recent years), but given the current buzz building around Inside Out, it’s something of a coup that the Industry Trust has landed the film for its latest Moments Worth Paying For trailer.

Using the same recently developed tagline – “book, buy, watch” – which directs consumers to FindAnyFilm.com, where they can find legitimate places to watch movies, from cinemas through to digital by way of physical DVD and Blu-ray, the ad continues the overall Moments Worth Paying For theme, now in its fifth year.

As the Trust has noted, the film and its tale of the characters behind the different emotions in people’s heads, fits in nicely with the conscience and voice of reason its message, about the feelings of sheer pleasure and magic that watching a film – legitimately of course – can conjure up.

The organisation’s Sylvia Wan says: “It’s been wonderful to work with Disney.Pixar on this trailer. Inside Out is a perfect fit for a Moments Worth Paying For, the key messages of the film overlap perfectly with our campaign messaging – one we hope will inspire audiences of all ages to make the right choice.”

You can see the ad here…

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