Babadook Hits The Streets

Sunday, March 1 2015
Babadook Hits The Streets

Who’s this, strolling down Oxford Street?

Performing some weird kind of meet and greet…

Out and about, going for a shop…

First in hmv then on to FOPP

On a Monday, then he was gone

Performing launch duties for Icon

Out for PR, playing his part

Helping his film get off to a great start

Why it’s him, take another look…

Star of Icon’s current big hit, The Babadook…

Before heading back to his deep, dark cellar

He helped the film become a big seller

By scaring journalists and and making a scene

Delivering the Blu-ray to reviewers and magazines

It was all part of Icon and Premier’s launch PR stunt

Now we’ll end this silliness, less a rhyme causes affront…


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