Let Fury Have The Hour

Monday, February 23 2015
Let Fury Have The Hour

It was the Observer’s home entertainment reviewer Guy Lodge who noted that the releases which arrived the day after the Oscar ceremony were perhaps one day intended for an all-singing all-dancing release in the wake of a triumph the night before.

But, he further added, “this week’s DVD release slate looks more like a boulevard of broken Oscar dreams”, stating that two of its biggest releases, Fury and Serena, could have ice thought themselves contenders only to fall early in the race.

Harsh it may be, but the two would-be contenders were vying for the most reviewed title of the weekend accolade according to our weekly round up of press coverage for home entertainment titles, where once they would have been slugging it out at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood.

In the end, Fury probably edged it, but only just, with both nearly neck and neck in terms of column inches. Thise two were joined by a number of other titles, including the likes of Annabelle, Effie Gray and Life Itself

The Evening Standard kicked off with a glowing notice for Studiocanal’s Serena (“a beautiful, ponderous Gone With The Wind level Western epic”), moving on through Jack Strong (Metrodome), Life Itself (Dogwoof), eOne’s Nightcrawler (“a decent sleazy thriller with aspirations to profundity”), Arrow’s Tommy (“dark brooding if only intermittently thrilling Swedish noir caper”) and Effie Gray (Metrodome).

The Sun’s DVD Of The Week was Fury (SPHE), its review concluded: “You may balk at the glorification of the conflict, but there’s no doubting the execution – visceral battle scenes with Pitt’s anti-hero commander.” It went on to cover BBC Worldwide’s House Of Fools (“it’s utter glorious nonsense”), Warner’s Annabelle (“not terrible by any stretch, but it’s just not Magic”) and Serena.

DVD Of The Week in the Daily Mirror’s The Ticket supplement was Fury, although the review did note it “looked like a piece of unsubtle propaganda”. Fairing far better in terms of marks were two five star reviews for wildly different titles from eOne – Mr Turner (“a masterpiece”) and Nightcrawler – Warner’s Annabelle making up the numbers.

The regular Your Next Box Set feature in The Guardian was given over to The Legacy (Arrow Films), with Andrew Collins beginning by outlining “The Legacy, an utterly addictive Danish inheritance saga, is not a whodunit, but a whogetsit”, before concluding: “A refreshing change from gloomy, rain-lashed Copenhagen-based police work, The Legacy gives a valuable glimpse into open plan, middle class life.”

Saturday and a few mentions in the tabloid telly guides – Birds Of A Feather S2 (Fremantle) in the Daily Mail’s Weekend, Benidorm S7 (BBC Worldwide) in the Daily Mirror’s We Love TV magazine, while Birds Of A Feather, again, was The Sun’s TV Magazine’s choice of Box Set Of The Week, Fury its DVD Of The Week.

On to the broadsheets, or rather quality press, and Fury started the proceedings in The Independent’s Radar magazine, with one of its better reviews from the weekend, which noted it was an “impressively staged, nerve-shredding, authentic feeling, Sam Peckinpah-esque spectacle”. It went through The Avengers Series 4 (Studiocanal), Serena, a “perky” The Book Of Life (Fox) and Arrow’s excellent release of The Manchurian Candidate (“John Frankenheimer’s hugely influential paranoia thriller, which still unnerves 53 years after its release”.

The Guardian’s Guide rooted around through Netflix’s nether regions and came up with Beethoven’s 2nd (how droll), with brief mentions for Game Of Thrones S4 (HBO), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Paramount) and The Babadook (Icon).

The Times’ Review section had a glowing review for Life Itself (“a must for cinephiles”), Fury and Blackwood (through Spirit).

Sunday and the Sunday People featured House Of Fools (BBC Worldwide) on its TV page, while there was a full complement of titles on its Films page, ranging from two Metrodome titles, Effie Gray and United We Fall, by way of Fury, Annabelle and Serena.

The Daily Star Sunday took in an early review for Pride (Fox), with five star coverage describing it as a “touching, funny and big-hearted British comedy”. It also covered Fury.

The Sun On Sunday’s Fabulous magazine featured Glue (eOne) in its Fabulist, while the Sunday Mirror featured Maze Runner on its Staying In page.

The Mail On Sunday’s Event magazine had Nureyev & Friends (Wienerworld) on its similarly named Staying In page, with a couple of on demand mentions for House Of Cards and Virunga (both Netflix). Its DVD reviews page covered Fury and Serena, with further coverage for Thief (Arrow), Circle Of Danger and Walk A Tightrope.

The Independent On Sunday had a raft of review for Fury, The Book Of Life and Keeping Rosy (Metrodome) as well as covering Albatross in its Take Two: Movies Not To Be Missed slot, with a further competition for Game Of Thrones S4.

The Observer took in Fury, Serena, Effie Gray, Annabelle, Blackwood, The Leos Carax Collection (Artificial Eye), Life Itself and, on Netflix, Virunga.


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