Ruined In A Day

Wednesday, September 10 2014
Ruined In A Day

The combination of Zac Efron and Seth Rogen was enough to draw in plenty of reviews for their joint pairing in Bad Neighbours, although it was an impressive low-budget thriller that really punched above its weight in terms of coverage according to our weekly round-up of coverage for home entertainment releases.

For while Bad Neighbours did well in terms of coverage, it was equalled, if not bettered, by the far less high profile Blue Ruin from 4DVD. We’ve already raved about it here at The Raygun and it seems as if most DVD and Blu-ray writers agreed, judging not just by the quantity of the comments, but the quality too.

As well as the unlikely duo of Bad Neighbours and Blue Ruin, there were further reviews for the likes of Brick Mansions and A Thousand Times Goodnight, as well as more from Icon and, on the TV front, The Honourable Woman and Homeland.

The Evening Standard kicked off with the aforementioned Blue Ruin, one of our favourite releases of the year, and we heartily agreed with its glowing review, which noted: “[A] darkly comic, relentlessly tense thriller. Probably one of the best films you’ll see this year.” It went on by way of another 4DVD release, Concussion (“a thoughtful and fascinating drama of relationships”), Bad Neighbours (Universal), The Angriest Man In Brooklyn (Signature), A Thousand Times Goodnight (Arrow) and Brick Mansions (Warner).

The Sun took in last weekend’s biggie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (SPHE), concluding that “while this spider doesn’t deserve to be squished just yet, on this showing there’s little chance that any non-fans will develop arachnophilia”. Also reviewed were Sons Of Anarchy (Fox) and Extraterrestrial Icon). The same company’s Next Goal Wins picked up the DVD Of The Week accolade, the review concluding that “there are few surprises in this documentary’s route to goal. But it still hits the back of the net”.

DVD Of The Week in the Daily Mirror was Bad Neighbours (“funny, filthy and not for the faint of heart”), before more for Blue Ruin, A Thousand Times Good Night and Brick Mansions (“Paul Walker really deserves a better send-off than this”).

Bad Neighbours got the lion’s share of coverage in the Daily Star, with a competition and an accompanying five-star review (“lewd, crude and very, very funny”), The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel in the same Bu-ray package, Universal’s new Babe Blu-ray and Countess Dracula and Twins Of Evil (Network).

Leading the way in the Daily Express was Blue Ruin (“if you’ve savoured Coen Brothers classics such as Blood Simple then this flinty, well-crafted revenge thriller is for you”), followed swiftly by Bad Neighbours and Ralph Steadman documentary For No Good Reason (Soda).

The Guardian’s Your Next Box Set covered Acorn’s The Mill, noting that: “The fact that it’s based on events following the 1834 Poor Law Amendment Act seems incidental: so much of what it covers is still relevant, as anyone on zero hours will attest,” before concluding, “The Mill should strike a chord with anyone who earns peanuts and is told they’re lucky.”

Saturday and the Daily Mirror’s We Love TV had a competition for The Mill, while over in The Sun’s TV magazine Bad Neighbours was DVD Of The Week, Homeland Season 3 was its Box Set Of The Week. The Daily Express’ Saturday magazine featured a competition plugging the recent release of eOne’s Divergent. The Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine took in Homeland Season Three (Fox).

The Independent’s Radar magazine kicked off with Blue Ruin (“a tense, droll thriller”), moving on to BBC Worldwide’s The Honourable Woman (“it grips throughout”) A Perfect Plan (Icon), The Changes (BFI) and Bad Neighbours (“another puerile comedy from the absurdly unfunny Seth Rogen”).

The Guardian gave a kicking to a “vacant” The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with brief mentions for Mr Morgan’s Last Love (Arrow Films), Killers (Lionsgate), Leave the World Behind and Painless (Metrodome).

The Times featured Bad Neighbours and When I Saw You (New Wave Films) and, once again, performing best, Blue Ruin (“low-budget, low-key indie thriller that simmers slowly in its Blood Simple juices”).
Sunday and the usual fare in the tabloids, starting with the Sunday Mirror, which featured Bad Neighbours on its regular Staying In page.

The Sunday People had many of the weekend’s familiar faces – Bad Neighbours, The Angriest Man In Brooklyn, Brick Mansions, RPG and Blue Ruin. Its TV page featured Homeland.

The Sun’s Fabulous had Bad Neighbours on its Fabulist page.

The Daily Star Sunday covered Bad Neighbours (“puerile, smutty and packed with huge laughs”), Blue Ruin (“clever, gripping and horribly realistic low-budget revenge thriller”) and The Sopranos Complete Collection (“one of the greatest TV dramas of all time”).

The “dazzling debut” that is Blue Ruin was given another outing in the Independent On Sunday in a retread of its Saturday review, with similar coverage for The Honourable Woman and Bad Neighbours. It’s the Watch List looked at Frank (Curzon Film World) and similar masked performances, while there was also a competition giving away copies of Next Goal Wins.

The Observer featured Arrow’s The Pit And The Pendulum in its Classic DVD slot, while Guy Lodge’s DVDs And Downloads column gave Bad Neighbours one of its best reviews of the weekend (“a keener, rowdier reflection in the American manchild complex than any of Judd Apatow’s recent efforts”) and then went on to Concussion, the arrival on Blu-ray of HBO’s The Sopranos The Complete Series (“gorgeously transferred and overrun with carefully planned featurettes and audio commentaries, will be making a lot of early Christmas lists”), the “crisp, clattering arthouse thriller” Blue Ruin, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place (Metrodome) and A Thousand Times Good Night (Arrow) with the Bastard Sings The Sweetest Song its Netflix choice.

The weekend edition of the Financial Times took in Bad Neighbours, Ilo Ilo (Soda), The Honourable Woman and Homeland.

And we’ll finish with the Radio Times, which we haven’t checked for a while, which took in Bad Neighbours and A Thousand Times Goodnight, with its Your Next Box Set feature plumping for Banshee (HBO).

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