Web Rules Over Print

Friday, September 5 2014
Web Rules Over Print

In a summer with a seemingly never-ending flow of comic book films at both cinemas and in homes, it’s no surprise to see Spidey on top when it comes to DVD and Blu-ray reviews, as our regular round-up of coverage for home entertainment releases shows.

For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 got more coverage than any other title in the weekend’s papers, even if its reviews weren’t always uniformly positive.

Perhaps the best reviews were for a resurgent Icon’s Next Goal Wins, which was rated by pretty much every reviewer, while Ghostbusters on Blu-ray picked up the catalogue reviews and BBC Worldwide’s The Honourable Woman was among TV programmes earning the most column inches.

We’ll start with the Evening Standard, the London freebie that’s usually our first port of call – especially now the Metro has dropped its home entertainment reviews on a Friday. The Standard began its coverage with SPHE’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (“fun sequel to the needless reboot”), moving on to the “fabulously uplifting underdog documentary” Next Goal Wins (Icon), Metrodome’s Painless (“brilliant example of high Spanish gothic”), Killers (Lionsgate), A Perfect Plan (Icon) and When I Saw You (New Wave).

Moving on to The Sun, where Locke was the DVD Of The Week (“slip into the passenger seat, buckle up and take a journey with Locke”). Also covered were The Longest Week (Signature), Cycling With Moliere (Artificial Eye) and Transcendence.

The Daily Mirror’s The Ticket chose The Amazing Spider-Man 2 as its DVD Of The Week, although its two star rating was hardly worth of the plaudit, “almost workmanlike,” said the ever-harsh David Edwards, who gave similarly low marks to Mr Morgan’s Last Love (“a slow story with an ending hampered by cliches”) and Studiocanal’s Mindscape. The best performing title of the week was Next Goal Wins (“a sunny, enjoyable, heartfelt movie”).

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the lead title in the Daily Star, with a competition offering a Blu-ray as top prize and a give star review. Also covered were further SPHE titles, 10 Rillington Place, paying tribute to Richard Attenborough, Ghostbusters and its sequel on Blu-ray and eOne’s pairing of both The Raid movies.

Moving on to the mid-markets and the web-slinger was there again, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 earning four stars, slightly ahead of Mr Morgan’s Last Love and The Chalk Garden (Odeon).

The Your Next Box Set feature in The Guardian looked at the excellent Jane Campion-helmed Top Of The Lake (BBC Worldwide).

Saturday and the usual mentions on the tabloid telly supplements. DVD Of The Week in The Sun’s TV magazine was The Amazing Spider-Man 2, followed by The Honourable Woman, the latter also appearing in both the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror’s TV supplements.

The Independent’s Radar section took in Ghostbusters and its sequel on Blu-ray (“”immensely enjoyable”), Soda’s excellent Kelly Reichardt Collection, eOne’s Tarzan, “charming documentary” Next Goal Wins and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (“too long and too many super-villains”).

The weekend edition of the Financial Times covered When I Saw You (New Wave), Next Goal Wins, the BFI’s wonderful Werner Herzog Collection and The Informant (Kaleidoscope).

The Guardian continues with its wilfully esoteric Home Entertainment reviews – this week devoting its column to Ray Cooney’s YouTube channel, with brief mentions for Tarzan, Locke, Transcedence and I Am Divine.

The Sunday Mirror featured Tracks (eOne) on its Staying In page.

The Daily Star Sunday covered The Amazing Spider-Man 2, although it noted it was “forgettable”. Next Goal Wins again scored well (“a big-hearted delight”), while Killers was also reviewed (“stylish… definitely not for the faint-hearted”).

The Sunday People’s film page found room for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mr Morgan’s Last Love and Thomas & Friends: Tale Of The Brave (HIT). Its TV page took in the latest Sons Of Anarchy release from Fox.

The Mail On Sunday’s Event magazine featured Next Goal Wins on its Staying In page, with further reviews for

The Independent On Sunday covered The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Next Goal Wins and Tarzan. . It also had s competition offering prizes of The Quiet Ones (Lionsgate).

We’ll end with The Observer (nothing in the Sunday Telegraph again) and the ever-reliable Guy Lodge, who kicked off his report – from Venice no less – looking at Festival Scope’s online offering of films from festivals, before moving on to the physical world and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Longest Week, A Perfect Plan and Next Goal Wins.

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