Thrones Sits Atop Heap

Friday, February 21 2014
Thrones Sits Atop Heap

With many DVD reviews columns focusing purely on film-related releases, especially with a few disappearing, it’s hard for a TV title to really cut through and become the most reviewed title of the week, as we regularly notice on our round-up of coverage for home entertainment releases.

A title has to be pretty special to achieve that, so this week, step forward HBO’s Game Of Thrones. The title managed to become the most and probably best reviewed title of the week across national newspapers.

It was four stars all over at over in the Metro, our regular first port of call for our newspaper round up. It kicked off with one of the previous weekend’s best reviewed titles, Captain Phillips (SPHE). “There are plenty of hand-to-mouth moments of epically involving action,” it noted. It ran on to Lionsgate’s Filth (“Filth by name and fine, filthy fun by nature”) and eOne’s Metallica: Through The Never (“the fictional plot is pretty flimsy but it’s all handled with glorious visual flair and Metallic flaunt such a powerful impeccably played live set list that it’s gripping entertainment even if you’re not a hardcore fan”). Under its Box Set Blitz heading there was a review for Dracula Season 1 (Universal). The same title also featured elsewhere in the same newspaper, its regular My Top Five Films had star Nonso Anozie, plugging the release of Dracula Season 1 and selecting his quintet (his choices incidentally were The Godfather Part II, The Godfather, The Matrix, The Color Purple and 12 Years A Slave). The Metro also had a half page interview with director Roger Mitchell talking about Le Week-End (Curzon).

The Evening Standard kicked off with the “brilliant” Metro Manila (Independent), the “Woody Allen drama unlike any other” Blue Jasmine, Paramount’s Bad Grandpa, notable too as being mentioned as a download only release ahead of its physical bow, This Ain’t California (Luxin), eOne’s The Fifth Estate (“a clever, well-swung hatchet”) and Eureka’s John Dies At The End (“busy, fizzy, bonkers”). Above it there was a further mention of LOVEFiLM’s forthcoming Vikings.

Leading the way in The Sun was its DVD Of The Week Filth (“the black comedy steps well over the thin blue line – to offer oodles of filthy laughs”). Also covered were Captain Phillips (“a compelling telling of a freight escape”) and Universal’s The 7.39 (“a wry engaging tale of strangers on a train”).

A trio of titles popped up in the Daily Express, including the first review of the weekend for “bittersweet Woody Allen tale” Blue Jasmine (Warner), The Fifth Estate and Man In The Shadow (101 Films).

Saturday and the usual mentions across the tabloid telly supplements, with Game Of Thrones dominating, featuring as the box set choice in the Daily Mail’s Weekend, in the regular competition slot in the Daily Mirror’s We Love TV magazine and the Box Set Of The Week in The Sun’s TV magazine, alongside DVD Of The Week Blue Jasmine. That title was also in the Daily Express’ Saturday magazine.

Nothing in the Independent’s Radar section, which we suspect may have dropped its DVD reviews section. A shame as it had a decent selection of titles covered – more than any of its rivals on a Saturday. It joined the roll call of disappearing DVD reviews in Saturday’s papers, alongside the Daily Telegraph’s Review.

Thankfully the Times’ Review section is still flying the flag, alongside the Guardian’s Guide too. The former featured Blue Jasmine (“must-see”), Game Of Thrones Season 3 (“more top-class beddings and beheadings”), The Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Studiocanal) and Filth (“gleefully venal Trainspotting-ish romp”). The latter featured Arrow Video’s Tinto Brass film, Cheeky and Frivolous, in its main review, with further mentions for Enough Said (Fox), Captain Phillips and Leon (Studiocanal).

Sunday and the Sunday Mirror featured the “delightful comedy-drama” Blue Jasmine on its Staying In page.

The Sunday People had a competition for the ubiquitous Game Of Thrones Season 3 on its TV page, with copies of Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 also up for grabs on its Films page, alongside Blue Jasmine, Jadoo: The Kings Of Curry (Metrodome) and The Fifth Estate.

The Sun’s Fabulous magazine had a mention of Blue Jasmine.

Game Of Thrones cropped up again on the Staying In page of the Tags: , ,