Going Green To Fight Piracy

Monday, February 10 2014
Going Green To Fight Piracy

If proof were needed of how well the Industry Trust is doing with its ongoing Moments Worth Paying For campaign, then the latest ComScore figures.

The Trust took over the running of the FindAnyFilm.com some time ago and a central plank of the campaign – as well as pushing the benefits of copyright – has been persuading audiences to get their film fix through legitimate sources, with the website as their main resource.

The long-running campaign has been increasingly moving towards more bespoke spots too – the newest trailer which went live in cinemas on Friday February 7 using Muppets Most Wanted.

The results? Well, those ComScore figures from December 13 show how well it’s working: FindAnyFilm.com is now among the 20 most popular film websites in the UK, visitors have risen by a whopping 700,000 year on year.

These figures are backed with the Trust’s own research, via ICM, which suggests that among 16 to 34-year-old potential copyright infringers are now almost twice as likely to purchase official film releases, either through cinema tickets or at home, than those who hadn’t seen the campaign.

And so back to The Muppets. The new trailers have gone live, as part of a multimedia initiative, which will see digital, PR, social media and outdoor element also forming part of the mix.

The Trust has collaborated with Disney on the campaign which, as you can see below, sees Miss Piggy and Kermit, as well as Kermit-alike Constantine playing a fake version of the frog. All of which ties in neatly to deliver the message that nothing beats the real thing.

As The Trust’s Liz Bales says: “We know that bespoke content can significantly increase message take-out across film audiences – so it’s vital we continue to build on that. Muppets Most Wanted features the tongue-in-cheek characters that people know and love, together with an imposter theme, making it the perfect fit for our campaign message, inspiring consumers to choose the real deal.

“Copyright infringement is still a key issue that the industry is continuing to tackle and if we can entertain audiences whilst we educate them then we’re engaging them in a more effective way. It’s been wonderful working with Walt Disney Studios UK on this collaboration and we’re delighted with the final trailer. We believe the stronger connection to FindAnyFilm.com in this next evolution of the Moments Worth Paying For campaign will further increase consumer awareness of the huge range of legal alternatives to piracy. And when used in tandem with the FindAnyFilm booking tool will also help nudge audiences out to the cinema.”

Disney’s Lee Jury adds: “Disney are committed to the continued efforts of tackling copyright infringement and following our successful Moments collaboration on Iron Man 3 last year, we are delighted to be working in partnership with the Industry Trust again. It is great to be able to merge the wide appeal of the characters from Muppets Most Wanted with the successful Moments Worth Paying For educational campaign, allowing us to inspire and inform consumers of all ages where they can make an official choice – at FindAnyFilm.com. Integrating this trailer within our wider marketing for the film really adds value to the collaboration, so it’s a very exciting partnership to be part of.”

Here’s that ad…