Punk’s Not Dead…

Wednesday, October 16 2013
Punk’s Not Dead…

Just when you think you’ve seen every punk programme going, every last single bit of footage of Johnny and the rest of the Sex Pistols, of snotty, spotty teenagers larking about with cans of Skol down the King’s Road, something comes along that shows there’s still footage out there, or unique angles to take when looking at the phenomenon that changed the face of music irrevocably.

And that’s just the case with Punk ‘76, a new documentary due from Odeon Entertainment due out on November 18. Eschewing the normal route for punk programming, it has unearthed some rarely seen footage, found new subjects to interview and takes a different stance on year zero.

We asked Odeon md Alan Byron about the think behind the programme he’s produced and here then , are his thoughts and guide to Punk ‘76…

“One of the main motivations behind making the programme is that both myself and Mark Sloper were ex-punks and we’ve always felt that punk was one of the most vibrant and creative periods of culture that spread over into every part of culture – music, fashion, art, film and so on and that this story had never really been told from this angle.

“Punk always tends to be described as a music or political phenomenon with bored teenagers but we felt the inception of punk went deeper than that.

“Marco Pirroni, who was in Malcolm and Vivienne’s SEX shop and Adam and The Ants, talked to us about how he wasn’t trying to change the world or start a social revolution, he just wanted to have fun, look cool and be a rebel. In many ways punk was a 70’s reinvention of rock and roll and as award winning writer, Jon Savage, pointed out, McClaren was a modern day Larry Parnes, who nurtured and exploited Billy Fury, Marty Wilde and other British rock and roll artists.

“Fittingly, Punk ’76 had its premiere at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, where The Sex Pistols originally rehearsed, followed by a lively Q&A session with Don Boyd, a contributor to the film and executive producer of The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle. The film then has a small theatrical tour in selected cities in the UK and Holland before its AFM showcase.

“As Punk ’76 is about fashion, and how McClaren and Westwood created The Sex Pistols to help promote their shop and sell their fashion creations, Odeon Entertainment is launching the film in Japan, the US and Australia with a supporting range of punk clothing merchandise from Lewis Leathers and Peter Gravelle’s punk collection.

“In the UK we already distribute Sid Vicious, Iggy Pop, Johnny Rotten, Billy Idol and other punk t-shirts through our sister company, but we are supporting the international launch of the film with a special licensing collection of Ounk ’76 clothing that will include specially commissioned, limited edition Lewis Leather jackets as worn by the Clash.

“Punk ’76 was produced for Odeon Entertainment by A2B Media and The 400 Company who launched the I Superbiker franchise, which is now onto its third theatrical and home entertainment edition.

“Punk ’76 sits perfectly in our music offer as we produce and distribute quality music documentaries both in the UK and overseas that focus on artists such as Sid Vicious or movements such as Northern Soul.

“Time Out voted Punk ’76 as one of the fourth hottest independent films to see in London upon its release and Hibrow.tv called it ‘a remarkable and successful exercise in archive storytelling’.

“We’re doing planned adverts in November/December in the more underground punk publications such as Vive Le Rock, Black Velvet, Huck, plus more middle of the road magazines such as Classic Rock and Hibrow.tv are also going to star running features on the programme in their cinema culture section up to the time of release. In addition we have social media launching with a Facebook site page for the film and links to band and fan sites such as The UK Subs, Sex Pistols. We’re also hoping to get some local radio syndicated interviews with Don Boyd about the film and his experiences of working with Malcolm McLaren and the Pistols.”

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