Fighting Fire With Fire

Monday, October 7 2013
Fighting Fire With Fire

“Remember who the enemy is” runs the tagline to one of the early pieces of artwork for Lionsgate’s forthcoming blockbuster The hunger Games: Catching Fire.

For anyone in the trade, there is one common enemy and Lionsgate has joined forces with the Industry Trust, with that same foe in their collective sights.

For Catching Fire, one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated films (it opens on November 21), is the latest trailer to feature the Moments Worth Paying For message, the Trust’s ongoing campaign to win the hearts and minds of cinemagoers by reminding them or thw work that goes into creating great films and the profound effect watching them legally can have.

In a first for the campaign, it’s gone one step further in highlighting the work of, the website that directs the public to official sources for watching films, from cinemas to physical discs to online operators. FindAnyFilm now falls under the watchful eye of the Trust and thisis the first trailer to fully incorporate it. This means audiences who view the trailer are directed to the site to enable them to pre-book tickets.

In a further innovation, a tool has been developed for the launch which will first help consumers book tickets to saee the latest instalment of the Jennifer Lawrence starrer as well as directing them to the first film so they can catch up with it from legitimate sources, either as a physical or online option, once they’ve bought their tickets.

The Trust’s Liz Bales said: ““We’re delighted to be working with Lionsgate Entertainment on the latest film in The Hunger Games franchise. Our partnership, leveraging the new FindAnyFilm cinema booking tool, promises to not only inspire viewers to choose official film, TV and video services, but also to convert campaign views into direct sales across formats. We’re now into our third year of the Moments Worth Paying For campaign and independent tracking research from ICM shows our campaign is continuing to resonate with audiences. And by continuing to evolve the campaign to dovetail with innovations in the service delivered by FindAnyFilm we can continue to address the key drivers of piracy.”

Nicola Pearcey, Managing Director Home Entertainment and New Media at Lionsgate UK said: “This is the second collaboration between Lionsgate and the Industry Trust and we’re proud to continue working with them on educating audiences on the value of creative content. This trailer will really resonate with audiences who have waited 18 months for the next chapter of Katniss’ journey, with their patience making the movie experience all the more worth paying for. We’re also proud to be the first to utilise the new FindAnyFilm cinema booking tool in conjunction with our unique Moments Worth Paying For campaign trailer to drive both cinema bookings and home entertainment sales.”

The trailer, features below, will run in cinemas, with further support from oudoor and online spots. And you ccan see the booking app here.

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