The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo In Numbers

Friday, June 25 2010
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo In Numbers

As Momentum readies itself for the release of the book turned film phenomenon of the decade, we assess the stats behind its success

7.2 million The number of copies of Stieg Larsson’s trilogy in print in the US

40 million The estimated number of worldwide sales achieved by Stieg Larsson’s trilogy. All have been achieved posthumously, his Millennium series was published after his death, Larsson tragically never got to see his series take over the publishing world

10 The number of weeks books in the trilogy have sat at the top of the New York Times bestseller lists

150 The total number of pages of manuscript that have allegedly been found for a fourth book since Larsson’s death

Three The number of days it took to sell 100,000copies of the third book in the trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, when it was published on paperback in the UK

3.3 million The total sales in units of the  trilogy in the UK

2.4 million The total sales in units of the trilogy in the US, which was slower to pick up on the phenomenon. It is, however, getting wise to it and sales are soaring

Five The number of minutes of exclusive, unseen material from the second film in the trilogy – The Girl Who Played With Fire – set to appear on Momentum’s July 19 release of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The whole release strategy for the trilogy has been driven as much by home entertainment as it has theatrical, with the timings behind them carefully timed to optimise opportunities. Hence the inclusion of the exclusive material, aimed at wooing fans of the series

2 million The total, in pounds, of box office receipts taken by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo at UK cinemas. for what is effectively a foreign language film it’s an amazing performance and one that Momentum is aiming to build on for its release. Momentum’s Kristin Ryan says: “As part of a successful trilogy of books, these releases offer us fantastic opportunities to build the franchise from release to release. With the theatrical release of the second instalment following just six weeks after the DVD/BD release of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, our inclusion of the five minute clip should whet the fans’ appetite and direct them right from the DVD viewing to the cinema queue.”

18 to 34 The age in years of the key, mainstream DVD buying audience that Momentum is going after with its release. It is appealing to the arthouse crowd as well as taking in a wider base too. This means a TV advertising campaign across Channel 4, E4, Film4, Five, Sky, Dave, Virgin, Bravo, Watch, 4Music, ITV2 and ITV4, as well as further spots going after the ABC1 crowd via Sky’s News and Arts channels and More4. An outdoor campaign, weighted to London and the South East, will use the film’s striking artwork (one that has been picked up by the book’s publishers to us) and see ads appearing at London Underground and rail stations. Internet and press advertising completes the campaign. To further go after the 18-34-year-olds, Momentum will be featuring two versions of the film on the release, one the subtitled theatrical version, the other dubbed for the home enterrainment release to take it further into the mainstream. As Momentum’s Ryan notes: “[The] top quality English audio stream should further increase its appeal to the average 18-34-yearold film fan, intrigued by the franchise and drawn in by the thrilling serial killer plot.”

41 The number of countries the trilogy has been published in

8.96 million The amount, in pounds of budget that went towards making the first film in the trilogy

70 million The amount, in pounds (and counting), made globally so far by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

1 million The number of people in Sweden, population , who have seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

2.5 million The number of people in Sweden, Finland,  Norway and Denmark who have seen the film; it is the most viewed Swedish film ever in the latter two countries

2012 The year in which Sony Pictures plans to release the big budget English language remake of the film. The surrounding brouhaha, Daniel Craig is reportedly attached to the project, can only help Momentum’s release

1.2 billion The amount, in dollars, grossed at cinemas worldwide by Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code bestselling books-turned-films. Which illustrates why the Hollywood studios were involved in such a fierce bidding war. The potential for novels turned films is huge. As Momentum’s Kristin Ryan concludes: “With book sales still strong week to week and word of mouth continuing to grow, more and more people are being drawn into Larsson’s fascinating world.  The anticipation for our release is incredibly high, it really is the most exciting film adaptation since The Da Vinci Code.”

18 per cent The number of Swedish women who are attacked by men. The statistic starts off The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It’s not just us obsessed with numbers then…

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