Field Of Dreams

Friday, June 21 2013
Field Of Dreams

The concept of a day and date release is still one that’s not always easy for the average person on the Clapham omnibus to understand.

Admittedly it’s not helped by the fact that the terminology itself doesn’t even make much sense (a recent online debate said as much). It’s even tougher when the day and date release takes in so many different formats.

How do you tell the public, in a 30-second TV spot, that not only can you watch this film in any way you choose, but also show off the film itself.

Take, if you will, A Field In England, the forthcoming Ben Wheatley-helmed feature which is coming to market in every possible format, all on the same day.

It’s a challenge for 4DVD and its partners, who include Film4 and Picturehouse, to get all this across.

It’s arriving on July 5 – a Friday – on physical formats, DVD and Blu-ray, as well as at Picturehouse Cinemas, on Film4 complete with a masterclass on how the film was made, and streaming platforms. And somehow, in a swift TV spot, they had to get not just that message across, but also make people want to see the film too, highlighting its critical acclaim and pedigree.

But on this viewing, they seem to have pulled it off.

The ad has been unveiled as anticipation for the film and the buzz around it continues to build in earnest.

As 4DVD’s Lucy Bulmer said: “There’s a definitely an air of excitement surrounding the upcoming release for A Field in England. With the trailer and promos out there it’s now up to the consumer how they wish to watch the film which will be very interesting! With so many parties involved over each platform we’ve all supported one another and kept the same messaging across all the marketing. The DVD and Blu-ray pre-orders are looking promising and with some great homepage take-overs on Empire, Total Film and trailer spots on Youtube we’re definitely building hype for July 5. Fans of Ben Wheatley’s and the journalists are supporting him in their masses for what he says is his best work to date.”

Here is that TV spot…

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