The Horror Show Top 10

Friday, June 14 2013
The Horror Show Top 10

The streaming market is becoming an increasingly crowded marketplace, but one new entrant, which has just officially gone live after testing its services, is The Horror Show.

Its title illustrates exactly what its USP is, and the streaming service is aimed fairly and squarely at horror fans.

The Horror Show targets the kind of people who attend FrightFest and boasts the involvement of some of the leading names in the genre field as its consultants, advisers and programmers.

As we’ve oft noted here before, the genre is one that refuses to die and, judging by the ever-increasing size of the likes of the aforementioned FrightFest and other similar operations, it’s one that is positively flourishing.

The Horror Show is aiming to not rival the traditional business models, as its founders note, there’s no substitute to browsing through the racks at somewhere like HMV; rather it is instead aiming to be a genre specific take on the likes of iTunes.

Where it could well succeed is in the word of mouth natured of this business. Its films are not blockbuster horrors, but rather ones that have got the seal of approval from the cognoscenti.

So its contributors – the likes of Scott Weinberg, the US-based writer who specialises in this field and is one of the genre’s leading commentators and the likes of noted UK writer and broadcaster Kim Newman – are crucial. A look at its launch event, held at the former London home of FrightFest, the Prince Charles Cinema, was attended by all the right people: Kim Newman was quizzed by journalist Damon Wise, there was horror-related stand-up comedy from Richard Sandling and a surprise appearance from Reece Shearsmith, star of one of the short films. The event ended with a screening of White Of The Eye, a film hand-picked by Kim Newman,

Its roster is expanding, the first wave of titles offers up the kind of film loved by horror fans (and us at The Raygun), and represents DTV and limited theatrical release titles from the independent sector. Going forward, it’s hoping to add product from the mini-majors too.

Here’s a look at its current top 10, with added commentary from us at The Raygun…

1. Short Stack Volume 1
A bona fide exclusive that has seen The Horror Show pull together 10 short films based in and around the genre. You can only see this lot together here; what’s more the selection includes, among other things, the award-winning Him Indoors, starring the League Of Gentlemen’s Reece Shearsmith. Better still for aficionados is the price – it’s a mere 99p, which has helped it into the top slot.

2. Excision
First appeared on the Monster imprint via Eureka, this is a teen tale of a misfit who is obsessed with surgical procedures. It boasts an impressive cast, including 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord playing against type, as well as the likes of Traci Lords, Malcolm McDowell and the irrepressibly John Waters.

3. Dead Hooker in A Trunk
Another that came via Eureka, this film has gained traction since its directors, the Soska Sisters, came to further prominence with American Mary. Low budget fare, yes, but it shows some of the promise they went on to fulfil with their sophomore outing.

4. Pontypool
The lowest of the low budget titles on offer through The Horror Show, this is a homegrown, smart zombie flick.

5. The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence)
As notorious as any on the list, you may not want it in your home, but you can easily stream it…

6. Who Can Kill A Child?
A restored version of the classic 70s horror, recently remade as Come Out To Play. One of the older offerings from The Horror Show.

7. The Casebook Of Eddie Brewer
Another homegrown tale and another strong selling point for The Horror Show, The Casebook of Eddie Brewer is a mock documentary following a paranormal investigator.

8. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
The debut offering in the Centipede series…

9. Some Guy Who Kills People
Smart serial killer tale boasting Lucy Davis among its cast.

10. Marianne
Another exclusive for The Horror Show.

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