2012 In Numbers

Monday, January 7 2013
2012 In Numbers

The BVA has unveiled its figures for the year-end, revealing, as expected, a slight dip in the overall market, with growth in the digital arena and, to a lesser extent, the Blu-ray format.

Similar figures have already been revealed by the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA)

Here are the figures released by the two respective trade organisations in full. We’ve credited either the BVA or ERA after each, breaking them down into easy bite-sized chunks. The figures are pulled together from the Official Charts Company, IHS Screen Digest, GfK Chart-Track and Kantar Worldpanel. Slight anomalies may occur, the ERA video figures exclude music video and rental, and there are other differences in data gathering, but this provides as good a snapshot as any that you’re going to get of the state of the business  as we enter 2013…

£2.317 billion – the total value of the video entertainment market in 2012 (BVA)

£2.361 billion – the total value of the video entertainment market in 2011 (BVA)

£1.8 billion – the value of the physical disc market in 2012 (BVA)

£0.5 billion – the value of the digital market, both downloads and streaming, in 2012 (BVA)

22 – the amount, in percentage terms, of the market made up by digital formats (BVA)

78 – the amount, in percentage terms, of the market made up by disc-based formats (BVA)

49 – the percentage rise in consumer digital spend in 2012 (BVA) 

40 plus – the number of digital services, both streaming and download, now available to consumers (BVA)

7 million – the total number (almost) of connectable devices in UK homes (BVA)

18 – the percentage of UK households that now own at least one tablet (BVA)

128 – the percentage growth in UK homes owning a tablet (BVA)

64 – the percentage of tablet owners who downloaded an entertainment app, according to recent BVA research carried out in 2012

60 – the percentage of tablet owners who prefer to watch video entertainment on their device rather than a PC, according to recent BVA research carried out in 2012

62 – the percentage of smartphone owners who have downloaded an app to enable them to watch video enterainment, according to recent BVA research carried out in 2012

29 – the value share, in percentage terms, of the top 10 titles in 2012 that went to Blu-ray (BVA)

24 – the value share, in percentage terms, of the top 10 titles the previous year, 2011, that went to Blu-ray (BVA)

8.9 – the percentage rise, in volume terms, of Blu-ray sales in 2012 (BVA)

£1.033 billion – the size of the digital market across video, games and music, according to the figures from the Entertainment Retailers Association

11.4 – the percentage growth in digital sales across the entertainment market (ERA)

20.3 – the percentage growth in video digital sales in 2012 (ERA)

£97.9 million – the worth of digital sales in the video market in 2012 (ERA)

75.5 – the percentage share of total entertainment sales that were in physical formats (ERA)

93.9 – the physical format share of entertainment sales in the video sector (ERA)

£4.213 billion – the worth of the total entertainment market across video, music and games in 2012 (ERA)

12 – the decline, in percentage points, of total entertainment sales (ERA)

£1.608 billion – the worth of the video market in 2012 (ERA)

Commenting on the figures, the BVA’s Lavinia Carey said: “2012 saw the video entertainment market continue to evolve as the competition to win over digital consumers intensified. More people now have the knowhow, technology and services to get their video entertainment digitally; the significant rise in value reflects its increasing popularity.

“However, this doesn’t mean all users have stopped buying DVD or Blu-ray in favour of digital; many are buying both for different needs. In fact the Blu-ray format, which delivers the best possible high definition picture and surround sound experience, saw an 8.9 per cent rise in volume sales and increasingly Blu-ray players are connected to jumbo-size wall-mounted TVs. 

“Early figures indicate the UK video entertainment market was worth £2.317 billion in 2012, a great result in difficult economic circumstances, demonstrating people’s continuing love affair with great films, drama, comedy, music, sport and children’s programmes.”

ERA’s Kim Bayley added: “Breaching the £1bn barrier is an incredible achievement for the UK’s digital entertainment retailers and reflects their huge investment in new and innovative services which means you can buy music, video and games literally at any time of the day and wherever you are. At the same time I suspect that many people will be surprised to learn just how resilient the physical business still is – with three quarters of entertainment sales still on disc. Downloads offer convenience and portability, but people still seem to value the quality and tangibility of a physical product.

“The combination of a myriad of exciting new devices and compelling new digital retailing services is clearly exciting consumers.

“Despite digital’s seemingly inexorable growth, the CD, the DVD and the physical games disc show incredible resilience. It is nearly nine years since iTunes launched in the UK yet over 60 per cent of music sales are still accounted for by physical formats. It is clearly way too soon to write off the CD and in video, digital barely gets a look in. Physical formats still account for three quarters of the entertainment market.

“The dearth of attractive releases during summer 2012 was clearly a significant factor. Suppliers need to do more to rebalance their release schedules and improve the quality of their releases. No retailer can afford to pay overheads on a store for 52 weeks of the year if all the key releases are going to be concentrated in the last quarter. And entrepreneurs will think twice about investing in new digital services if releases fail to excite the public. Luckily the message appears to be getting through and we look forward to being able to offer the public a much better release slate in 2013.”

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