Trust Gets Animated

Sunday, November 25 2012
Trust Gets Animated

Following hot on the heels of the British Video Association, the Industry Trust for IP Awareness was the latest trade body to hold its annual general meeting.

It unveiled a new look animation-style clip, outlining, among other things, what it does, as well as publishing its annual report, listing its impressive achievements over the past 12 months. It makes for impressive reading, and we strongly urge you to have a look at the report, it’s over here

 In the meantime, as well as showing off the aforementioned animation, we’re offering up some selected quotes from the review, starting with Lionsgate md Nicola Pearcey and moving through assorted industry figures, highlighting the importance of its work and its role within the industry…

“I am continually impressed by the workforce behind the Industry Trust and their continued support for our industry. Alongside enforcement, lobbying and innovation, it is education that will play a pivotal role in protecting us all from the damaging effects of piracy. I would like to extend my thanks to the Industry Trust, its members and its industry partners for helping to inspire our fans to enjoy our great content legally. I would like to challenge us all to play a bigger role in protecting our industry every day, so that we may continue to deliver great entertainment.”
Nicola Pearcey, md, home entertainment and new media, Lionsgate

“I’m delighted to see the growing body of support behind copyright education, with other industry bodies, ISPs and Government signalling their commitment to it in recent months. The audio-visual industry has led the charge in this area since it set up the Industry Trust in 2004 with a pure education remit, so we’re very pleased to see it moving up the agenda. Over the last eight years we’ve experienced, first hand, the very positive impact that education campaigns have on consumers’ attitudes and behaviour. Today we’re privileged to have built up an invaluable bank of consumer insight, which means every pound we spend on behalf of our members is directed to where we can make the biggest impact. The latest tracking results for Moments Worth Paying For are testament to this.”
Liz Bales, director general, Industry Trust

Our industry is innovating on all fronts to offer our customers greater choice and value, and better experiences than ever before. Multichannel retailers, such as HMV, are playing an integral part in this progress. ‘My hmv’, as an example, is rewarding our most loyal customers with the chance to get closer to the entertainment they love. But this investment by our industry in new models and services must be matched by support from internet service providers and the Government to crack down on those who, in spite of everything on offer, would still choose free, unauthorised content.”
Gennaro Castaldo, head of press and PR, HMV

“If I was to be pessimistic I would say that business is tough and if people continue to choose not to pay for films, we won’t be able to make low budget, independent films any more. On the brighter side though, surely as film shifts online it should be easier to address piracy. After all, it won’t just be a problem for the film and TV industry. The Internet Service Providers themselves will be content owners, so they’ll have an increasing amount to gain from encouraging the public to do the right thing.”
Jonathan Sothcott, producer
“Continued innovation in digital services will support the rapidly changing ways in which our content is being enjoyed, increasingly on tablets and smartphones as well as on disc. It paves the way for Ultraviolet, which offers our customers greater flexibility and portability via the cloud-based digital library of their Blu-ray Discs and DVDs. By creating an appealing service with appealing content, we can give people more reasons and opportunities to watch their video entertainment legally rather than access illicit sources which give nothing back to the film makers.”
Lavinia Carey, director general, British Video Association
“The UK is recognised the world over for its creative talent. It’s why Warner Bros. has continued to make significant investment here, in film, TV and video games production, as well as studio facilities and visitor attractions. But copyright infringement remains a major challenge across the audio-visual sector and must be treated as a priority to safeguard its future. The UK industry’s co-ordinated response, covering enforcement and lobbying, and the education drive led by the Industry Trust, is an important way to tackle this challenge head on.”
Josh Berger, president and md, Warner Bros. UK, Ireland & Spain 

“To safeguard our industry from the damaging effects of copyright infringement, it will be vital to have robust enforcement measures in place with the full support of the Government behind them. It is important to be able to use a portfolio of strategies – addressing rogue websites that offer infringing content and also the intermediaries that support them, and adding, as soon as possible, the ability to send notices to ISPs’ subscribers whose accounts are used to download and distribute infringing files. All of these measures, with supporting communications activity, will provide a much-needed backbone to the Trust’s educational activity – and help to direct consumers to the many exciting sources of legal content.”
Marianne Grant, senior vice president, Motion Picture Association of America
“The BFI Film Education programme offers an invaluable opportunity to emphasise the importance of IP. Understanding the crucial role of IP is not only integral to understanding film-making, but essential for the development of future film audiences.”
Tim Cagney, deputy ceo, BFI

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