A Little Bit Extra

Sunday, November 11 2012
A Little Bit Extra

No need to phone home when you have a bike to get you there… This bunch of cyclists took to the streets to celebrate the release of E.T. The Extra Terrestrial on Blu-ray for the first time.

Universal sent the cyclists out and about in London’s West End for the launch of the Blu-ray. Clad in red hoodies (although we’re pretty certain the garb sported in the Spielberg film wasn’t quite known as a hoodie back when it was first released 30 years ago) and using the transport known to many as Boris bikes (again, we’re convinced this wasn’t t he model used in the film), with the eponymous alien(s) riding with them, they were taking part in a smart piece of social media promotion for the release.

For the back of the hoodies contained the message “Snap me and Tweet #ERBluray to win!”, giving anyone spotting it the chance to snag a copy of the film, as well as spreading the word.

It was part of a campaign for the film that included some similarly smart wheezes.  Take, for example, its worldwide tie-in with Madame Tussauds across five different locations of the famous waxworks attraction – London, Hollywood, Sydney, Amsterdam and Berlin. This saw a special E.T. being made and placed in his own scene in each of the five different museums in an initiative driven from London. The scene it featured? The iconic scene on the bike, of course, which was announced earlier this year as the most memorable Universal movie moment. 

As well as E.T.’s own 30th anniversary, the activity has also tied in to Universal’s own centenary celebrations. 

Commenting on the Tussauds tie-in,Universal chairman Eddie Cunningham said: “E.T. is one of Universal’s most iconic and beloved characters, and in this our 100th Anniversary year, it is fitting that he is brought to life by Madame Tussauds in their attractions around the world this October. The interactive experience at Madame Tussauds, together with the first ever Blu-ray release of the film, will truly capture E.T. and bring to life this unforgettable character.”

Here’s some pictures of the bikes in and around London and the replica, both in situ and in the works…


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