Red Lights Spells Danger

Wednesday, September 19 2012
Red Lights Spells Danger

Remember when Halloween meant John Carpenter, The Exorcist (the film was given a theatrical release on that day in 1998, ahead of its first post-Video Recordings Act home entertainment release), all-nighters at London’s Scala and other venues?

Recent years has seen a boom in the Halloween business, but much of it has been at the lower end of the market, in terms of age groups.

Instead of teenagers pranking grown-ups and grown-ups watching all manner of scary goings-on, October 31 has become the preserve of pre-teenagers out and aabout in fancy dress trick or treating.

And as the concept of trick or treat has grown, so the supermarket shelves have become lined with Scooby-Doo and DVD treats aimed at the younger audience, rather than grown-up horror. Seasonal Halloween promotions now tend to focus on a younger crowd.

So it’s good to see a few suppliers, particularly UK-based operators, still looking towards the middle and end of October to release more adult-based fare.

One of those is Momentum, which has a clutch of diverse horror titles due in the month. These range from the A-list to more DTV fare, altthough in the case of these, the likes of We Are The Night comes on the back of a successful launch through this year’s Film4 FrightFest event.

As the company’s Kristin Ryan says: “As a release period, Halloween is still a solid opportunity for both big A releases and smaller niche DTVs.

“This year our varied Halloween releases are A-list Red Lights, the creepy and effective paranormal haunting Apartment 143 and vampire action romp We are the Night, which was one of the stand outs at the recent FrightFest.”

And, as Ryan notes, Halloween is still one of the best times to release horror fare: “The increased opportunities in-store, for PR features and reviews and as above the line media placements within supplements and TV scheduling continue to make Halloween a good time of year for Horror and thriller product and we definitely still see an increase in sales.”

Red Lights, the biggest of the trio, it comes with a suitably sizeable campaign.

“Red Lights is a really strong cast led thriller with echoes of supernatural horror that plays to a wide audience, from mainstream thriller fans right to niche horror fans,” explains Ryan. “The easily recognized A-list cast, visual strength, genre and Halloween release strategy means TV advertising is our biggest media execution supported by press and online activity and a major PR and promotional push.”
Here’s the trailer for Red Lights, followed by the same for both Apartment 143 and We Are The Night…


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