The RECing Crew

Wednesday, September 19 2012
The RECing Crew

It started with a tweet on a Friday afternoon, sent in the direction of @theraygun. It told us, with some severity: “[REC] Genesis review discs are INFECTED!” Within 24 hours it was boasting scores of tweets, new followers and a  whole piece of Twitter theatre – an industry first – as scores of horror writers and bloggers had become infected themselves…

The whole stunt was part of the release strategy from eOne for its release of the aforementioned [REC] Genesis and saw a social media campaign targeting Twitter users and horror fans after getting some of the leading lights of the genre involved in the activity.

Here’s a few comments on the event…

Sayoko Tietz, eOne: “We are very pleased with fantastic feedback we had for the #RECvirus twitter stunt.  #RECvirus was trending in the UK and the news also spread around the web to major sites including Dread Central, Brutal as Hell, Horror Talk and Blogomatic 3000. Thanks to all contributors and all people who RT us so the infection went viral.”

Almar Haflidason, Fetch Publicity: “With the virus spreading out of the original building and into the wider world and with the films being so inventive we thought why not take this a step further and have it hit the PR agency working on the film? The idea was simple – we’re sending out infected discs, we then distribute a video warning people about it but then via twitter journalists start reporting back that they’re turning! Getting that to work though with a realistic film and the work needed so all our actors on twitter would look convincing when their profile pictures became infected needed the kind of expertise that Jeremy at GV Film was able to supply to turn this idea into reality and his amazing work elevated our idea into something that looked every bit as good as the actual film! With these tools our actors were then able to convincingly transform for our seven hour epic which was meticulously planned with the result that it trended at one point over the return of Doctor Who that night! ”

Jeremy Shaw, GV Films: “It is always a pleasure to work with forward thinking and open minded clients and agencies who trust you with the crazy ideas, so thanks must go to Sayoko at Entertainment One and Almar at Fetch Publicity for inviting GVFilm to create the campaign assets. This was a great campaign and a lot of fun to produce. It was a genuinely an innovative idea by Fetch to create a Twitter Theatre and I think we discovered a one (OK two) take wonder in Almar when shooting the video. My only regret was I never got to ‘Zombie-up’ Emily Booth – but you can’t have everything.”

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