Perfect ‘Skin’

Monday, June 7 2010
Perfect ‘Skin’

June 7 s a busy day for Optimum Releasing, but, nestling next to two of its biggest releases of the year – Miyazaki’s Ponyo and French thriller A Prophet making for a strong double whammy.

But nestling in its schedule are a clutch of goodies that are worthy of closer attention, some classic slices of exploitation and Italian giallo films that are being given a new lease of life.

Chief among these, or at least on June 7, are Lizard In A Woman’s Skin and Eagles Over London.

The former is a classic example of the Italian giallo genre, directed by Lucio Fulci (Zombie Flesh Eaters) and follows a woman who may – or may not – be wrapped up in all kinds of LCD-inspired orgies and murder. It has been given a new transfer and digitally restored, as well as a rather nice looking sleeve too. Optimum has also cut a new trailer, as featured here.

Eagles Over London, meanwhile, is directed by Enzo Castellari, he of the original Inglorious Bastards fame, and one of the additional features of this first ever DVD outing for a tale of Nazis infiltrating British soldiers returning from Dunkirk (smart timing there) and sabotaging defences, sees Castellari in conversation with Quentin Tarantino, who famously remade Castellari’s other notorious warsploitation flick.

The package is completed by a couple of spruced up former nasties, Cannibal Apocalypse and The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue.

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