Reaping The Rewards

Wednesday, September 12 2012
Reaping The Rewards

The launch of The Hunger Games on DVD, Blu-ray and other formats was one of the first big event releases as we move into the busiest period of the year, signifying near week after week of blockbuster titles arriving.
It’s Lionsgate’s biggest release ever in the UK and the fast-growing company showed that it is more than up to the task of handling an event release with a wealth of across the board activity, both above and below the line.
We’ve already detailed marketing for the first in the franchise on our newsletter, as well as previewing some of its activity over the weekend, but here¹s a run through of the highlights, most of which were themed around the film itself, its Reapings, tributes, districts and the likes…
• A black chariot travelled along the route of the District Line on Friday, in homage to the parade of the tributes in the film. Whilst ultimately a media stunt, it enabled Lionsgate to ramp up excitement amongst fans by staging a competition to be one of two lucky Tributes to ride in the chariot alongside a Capitol Representative
• On Saturday, a dozen parachutes (an iconic part of the film) were dropped from London landmarks, each containing special instructions to redeem a prize. Clues were posted on facebook in the run up to the event which was attended by very excitable fans
• A series of live Reapings took place in a dozen HMV stores around the country, with a further one taking place in its flagship London Oxford Circus store. As well as prizes for the regional winners, two lucky attendees won tickets to the UK premiere of the next film in the franchise; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
• A live Social Media event took place on the evening of its release, with viewers encouraged to press play on their copy of the film and log onto a social dashboard at exactly 8pm. to share their viewing experiences with fellow fans across the UK. The hashtag #theukwillbewatching was used, with a phenomenal 13,000 tweets and posts being made during the two hour event.
Here’s some pictures from the events…

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