A Place In Our Hearts

Thursday, August 16 2012
A Place In Our Hearts

The release this week of This Must Be The Place – also know as the one where Sean Penn looks a lot like The Cure’s Robert Smith – marks the latest stage in the growth of independent label Trinity. 

It’s an impressive film, one of the more unusual of the year and one that’s been raising eyebrows since it first aired in the UK since last year’s London Film Festival. For Trinity, it’s a sign of its ambition and drive behind the operation. 

As the company’s Cedric Behrel says: “This Must Be The Place was a major step for Trinity in our goal to present iconic films for built-in audiences with crossover potential. We pushed ourselves on this release to produce the best assets, and we were delighted they were profusely taken up by both press and online, thanks to our agency SWCP’s excellent work.

“We added a lot of unseen content to the DVD and made a very special edition Blu-ray, with two different versions of the feature and a comparison track, which I believe is a first for a new release. Working with all the talent on the film, from Paolo Sorrentino to Sean Penn to David Byrne, was exhilarating and we’re looking forward to upping the ante with five Pythons (including the dead one) on our next release – A Liars’ Autobiography – their first collaboration in 23 years, along with their very own, special Dr Freud.”

As an aside, the release of This Must Be The Place was noteworthy as Trinity also worked with UK record specialists The Vinyl Facgtory to produce a sumptuous double LP set of the soundtrack to the film (pictured here). We were lucky enough to pick up a copy at a recent screening of the film and it really is gorgeous. It ties in for a growing trend for vinyl soundtrack issues, one we’ll be reporting on shortly on the website.

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