(Out)post Of The Day

Wednesday, August 15 2012
(Out)post Of The Day

Flippant as it may sound, Nazis have made something of a comeback recently. But this is not real-life fascists or Hitler worshipping far right nutters in eastern Europe and beyond we’re talking about here, rather a direct to video craze that has seen Nazis move from their usual terrain – war movies –into other areas. A genre-busting wave of flicks has seen Nazis turn up in horror flicks, notably titles such as Dead Snow, still held up as a perfect example of a successful DTV release, and, more recently, sci-fi, with Iron Sky already proving to be Revolver’s most successful release of 2012 so far.

Another pioneer in this field was Outpost, and it’s been smart out of the blocks with a sequel, Outpost II: Black Sun. The title is due to premiere at the forthcoming Film 4 FrightFest event, followed swiftly by a video release courtesy of Lionsgate on August 27.

What’s more Outpost II throws something else into the mix. For as well as a bunch of nastier than ever Nazis rising from their graves to take on modern-day soldiers, the film also features a clutch of familiar British names as some of those squaddfies. Most notable among these is Nick Nevern, most recently seen starring in another limited theatrical to video release, Momentum’s The Rise And Fall Of A White Collar Hooligan, another big success story for 2012.

The trailer has already aired on IGN (we’ve got it here, below, as it’s well worth a look) and Lionsgate is putting plenty behind the release, including TV spots. As the company’s Kaz Mills told The Raygun newsletter recently: “The exclusive trailer placement with IGN in addition to the Frighfest programme announcement gives this title a real event feel and is a fantastic starting point from which to deliver a campaign with real cut-through to a wider audience, not just the core horror fans. We’re also supporting this title with a broad TV and press campaign, supported by niche horror site online takeovers. And finally, fans who tweet #Outpost2 will soon be rewarded with their own personalised Zombie wandering across our official facebook page.”

So here’s the trailer…

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