Smash And Grab

Monday, August 6 2012
Smash And Grab

In its relatively short time on the collective radar, The Raid has gone from being one of the most-talked about films of the year, its most eagerly anticipated and, after its resounding box office success, one of 2012’s biggest foreign langugage earners.

And now, with the DVD and Blu-ray on the way, it’s set for more acclaim too: one could easily throw best lenticular sleeve and other plaudits in the direction of the home entertainment release.

Its performance so far has been nothing short of remarkable. As Momentum’s Adam Eldrett notes: “Hard Boiled, Die Hard, The Raid… it is phenomenal that this Indonesian action film with a Welsh director is still talked about in the same breath as two of the greatest action films of all time. 
“We have taken over £1m at the box office, for a foreign language film simply an amazing result, it sets things up really nicely for home entertainment. Our research has shown nearly 90 per cent of people who saw the film were planning to recommend it to a friend, considering half the audience also did not realise its foreign language roots that is quite a statistic.”

Momentum, bringing the title to market in September, is determined to make its DVD and Blu-ray release indispensable. Its own research already points to its post-theatrical potential. But one of the key elements is to make sure that the UK version is the one consumers pick up.

As the company’s Adam Eldrett says: “With any foreign language film imports are always a concern, rest assured our DVD and Blu-ray will be the best discs of any territory with more available and exclusive content than any other release.

Not only do we have an additional UK specific audio commentary, but our BD will contain UK theatrical and original cuts of the film, not to mention a whole host of other special features, even the menus are looking award-worthy.”

The sleeve itself, pictured here in all its glory, along with the extras, are only part of the story.

“HMV and Play exclusives are already pre-ordering really well, the audience really is there. I think we reached the cusp of the mainstream with the theatrical release, with the wonderful reviews and fantastic word of mouth we will support The Raid with a full above the line marketing campaign and ensure Action fans nationwide cannot miss the release. 
“It is a very busy period with Avengers, Dictator and Prometheus all around our release date but we feel it can break out even further on DVD, Blu-ray and download.” 
We’ll have more on this film and its marketing both here and on our newsletter, in the main time, gaze on this lenticular gif in awe…

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