“Get Your Trousers On Pirates… You’re Nicked!”

Monday, July 30 2012
“Get Your Trousers On Pirates… You’re Nicked!”

The latest in the award-winning Moments Worth Paying For campaign, the Industry Trust-led initiative aimed at highlighting the importance of our creative industries to the film-making process – and the kind of feelings they can inspire – has gone live at UK cinemas. 

Announced a few weeks ago (and featured on our newsletter), the latest salvo in the ongoing battle against piracy and winning the hearts and minds of the great British public features eOne’s forthcoming homegrown biggie, The Sweeney. The sight of Carter and Regan, aka Ray Winstone and Plan B (known to his mum and dad and now cinemagoers as Ben Drew) tearing around the streets of the smoke catching wrong’uns who’ve done a blag is, of course, enough to inspire awe from audiences, as the trailer, embedded below, illustrates.

As eOne’s diredctor of film Alex Hamilton says: “Establishing a firm and engaging connection between paying for great content and the pipeline of future releases has never been more important. We are very excited about our collaboration with the Industry Trust on The Sweeney, which will help one of our key films of 2012 reach the audiences it deserves.”

The Industry Trust’s Liz Bales adds: We are delighted to welcome Entertainment One to the fold. Informing and inspiring audiences is at the heart of what we do, and Entertainment One reaches audiences of all ages, interests and backgrounds. Young men index higher than any other group in taking part in illegal downloading and so we are hoping to inspire them with a truly great piece of British filmmaking in The Sweeney, with this bespoke cinema trailer celebrating film moments worth paying for.”

The ad is scheduled to run from eight weeks, after kicking off its run on the last Friday of July. And here it is, in all its glory.  


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