Streets Of Your Town

Friday, July 13 2012
Streets Of Your Town

Here’s some smart marketing from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment to mark the release on July 9 of 21 Jump Street, its comedy update on an old TV series starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. 

It comes just as you thought you were tiring of Hill’s schtick and is one of his best for some time, it’s also one of the better foul-mouthed US releases we’ve seen for some time. 

SPHE and its agency DnA decided to take the film viral and, using Tatum and Hill’s failings as rookie cops as its starting point – they mess up their first arrest by forgetting the words they need to use when reading a suspected criminal his rights – took to the streets of London, or rather the walkways of Whiteley’s shopping centre, west London. Giving consumers the chance to memorise the rights a US cop needs to recite, they then have to try and remember them.

The clip was sent out to assorted journalists and bloggers and we saw it appearing a number of times across these and Twitter. Here’s the footage of what it dubbed The Channing Challenge…


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