Making A Fist Of It

Friday, July 13 2012
Making A Fist Of It

The full value of the limited theatrical platform and shortened cinema to home entertainment windows and how it can work in tandem with a strong publicity campaign, has been highlighted this week with the launch of Salute from Arrow. The film is due at cinemas today (July 13) and it looks as if Arrow’s faith and investment in the film has paid off. One of the stars of the documentary about the Mexico 1968 Olympics, US medal winner Tommie Smith, flew into the UK to support the release this week. And you can’t have failed to notice Smith everywhere: from appearing on Newsnight, Sky News, CNN, Talksport and Radio 5 live to the front page of the Metro, the iconic image of Smith and fellow medal winner John Carlos raising their fists in the black power salute, alongside Australian silver medallist Peter Norman has taken on a new lease of life. 

The resultant publicity has also vindicated Arrow’s decision to time the release around the 2012 Olympics. 

As Arrow’s Jon Sadler says: “The coverage for this short window theatrical release has been phenomenal and it bodes well for the various upcoming platforms as this kind of awareness is usually reserved for much bigger releases with full windows, but with the Olympics around the corner it made sense for us to go with this particular model – a model established brilliantly on the BVA Winning release of Fire in Babylon, a similar film in many ways.”

Here’s some examples of the PR campaign and, below that, the trailer for the film…

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