A ‘True’ Story

Thursday, May 27 2010
A ‘True’ Story

At one point, we actually considered just printing this picture and letting our readers guess what kind of publicity stunt it involved, but perhaps wisely, given that this is the Internet, after all, decided to give you chapter and verse.

It’s all part of a press junket organised by HBO and its agency Premier PR to mark the release last week of the latest series of hugely popular vampire series True Blood.

The company took two senior journalists, Jessie Mellor, covering the event for The People, and The Sun’s Rebecca Wood (pictured here) on a vampire themed trip to Berlin, including a stint in the Vampire Coffin Room at the Propeller Island Hotel (again, featured in the picture here), a meal in the dark and a real life Fangtasia bar. The resultant coverage saw features appearing in both newspapers.
Further press activity featured radio interviews with “real-life” vampire and editor of Bite Me magazine Arlene Russo (those are our quote marks, not hers, but the magazine does sound, ahem, interesting) as well as cast and crew interviews. Further is special coffin-shaped press pack garnered further coverage.
For more, see this week’s Raygun newsletter.

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