A Tribute To The Queen

Monday, May 24 2010
A Tribute To The Queen

Anjelica Huston – daughter of famed director John and a big name in her own right – is in the UK for a special screening of ITV Studios’ sumptuous restoration edition of her father’s classic The African Queen this week, as part of a flurry of activity that has seen another Huston offspring, actor Danny, attend a world premiere along with other family members at last week’s Cannes film festival.

We’ll be going into the ins and outs of the restoration of the film and ITV Studios’ support for the June 7 release later this week, but ahead of that, the BFI Southbank screening and to welcome Ms Huston, we thought we’d show off this latest in HMV’s ongoing (and we think outstanding too) series of My Inspiration ads, in which she (with every justification and no need to level a charge of nepotism) plumps for this classic Bogart title.

And as a bonus, here’s brief word from Danny Huston from Total Film’s excellent Cannes coverage.

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