Underground, Overground

Thursday, February 23 2012
Underground, Overground

Any regular readers of The Raygun will know that we’re big fans of lenticular sleeves. Not only do we like the things themselves – both as tactile objects and also because of the sheer childlike excitement we still get while waving them around (“Look! The picture’s changing!) – but we can also see what, when done correctly, they can do for sales. Take, for example, Troll Hunter, one of this year’s over-performing titles from Momentum. This came wrapped in a hugely effective lenticular sleeve and you can’t argue with its performance at retail. When it’s done right – predominantly for horror and sci-fi genre films – they help a film stand-out on the shelves. 

But, all things taken into consideration, the main reason we like lenticular sleeves is when we get sent a gif of them actually moving and we post them up on our site… Again, it’s the amazing sense of sheer joy we get: “Look! It’s moving!)

Here we have one of the latest entrants into this burgeoning sector, Urban Explorers from Anchor Bay, due on March 5. The film tells the tale of an intrepid band of tourists who get a whole lot more than they bargained for when they take a trip to the miles of secret and rarely visited underground tunnels deep below Berlin. Anchor Bay is aiming to take the film above ground with an impressive marketing campaign we  have featured previously on our website (TV support, PR stunts and an  outdoor campaign on the London Underground, natch) and this lenticular sleeve. As the company’s Thom Leaman says: “The DVD version of the release comes in a stunning (and decidedly creepy) lenticular sleeve.” He adds: “Urban Explorers is one of our biggest horror releases for some time, and as such we’re supporting it in a very big way with some very exciting PR activity revolving around the urban exploration themes of the film. We’re blessed with the city of London at our fingertips to be able to offer up some very exciting PR stunts, although saying too much at this stage would only spoil the surprise.” Watch this space for more, in the mean time, you can gaze in the moving sleeve above. Oh, and you can see the trailer here

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