One Eye On The Charts

Thursday, May 13 2010
One Eye On The Charts

The challenge facing Momentum over its forthcoming Valhalla Rising was clear: the Viking extravaganza is as brutal as anything you’ll see this year and it was as keen to push this as anything else – but how do you convey its ultraviolent content without upsetting the powers that be and, crucially, retailers.

Well, you start off by creating a couple of different versions of the ad creative, one for TV and the other, more extreme, for online use. But when your carefully edited TV spot is deemed to be too fierce to be seen before an 11pm watershed, you know you’ve got a task ahead of you.

After much careful and painstaking work, Momentum has now had a 10 second spot cleared for use on TV and it’s going out ahead of the Monday release, including a slot during The Lord Of The Rings on Channel 4. A tougher 30 second spot is appearing all over the Internet (and here – see below), while pre-roll advertising will also appear on the web and there are also press ads in the likes of Bizarre, Total Film and, on the day of release, in the Daily Star and Metro.

“We wanted to put across the realism of the Viking world,” said Momentum’s Adam Eldrett.They certainly seem to have done that – but be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted.