Blockbuster’s Top 10 Rental Titles Of 2011

Monday, January 16 2012
Blockbuster’s Top 10 Rental Titles Of 2011

This intriguing top 10 chart came in a little too late for inclusion in to our top 10 of everything chart for 2011 (here); we were going to add it in to that page, but it was so mammoth already,  we thought we’d give this some space of its own. 

So here are Blockbuster’s 10 best-renting titles of the past 12 months. It makes for some interesting reading – Liam Neeson cements his reputation as the thinking man’s action hero following Taken with Unknown.

The chart, taken from the rentailers 600 plus UK stores, also shows how rental is still very much a different proposition to retail; great renters don’t necessarily make for great sellers, and vice versa.

As Blockbuster’s head of marketing Bryn Owen says: “Unknown tops the Blockbuster biggest rentals of 2011 list following Liam Neeson’s earlier film Taken which also proved a rental success leading the board in previous years.

“Interestingly, the titles featured in our list differ from alternate top 10s which is highlight to the varied tastes and difference in decision making behind those purchasing home entertainment releases to those renting.” 

It’s also worth noting that many of the 10 are exclusive rental titles – the rentailer, often referred to, certainly by the US trades, as the Big Blue, is actively pursuing the kind of deal that sees it getting a three week window ahead of a title being available to buy. One of the distributors it has an exclusive deal with is Studiocanal, whose product features heavily in this chart, with three of the top 10. Studiocanal’s sales operation Elevation Sales also has its own dedicated rental arm, which is vindicated by its performance here. 

Here’s that 10 in full…

1. Unknown (Studiocanal)

2. Limitless (Momentum)

3. Due Date (Warner)

4. Grown Ups (SPHE)

5. Paul (Universal)

6. Source Code (Studiocanal)

7. The Social Network (SPHE)

8. Just Go With It (SPHE)

9. Little Fockers (Universal)

10. The Tourist (Studiocanal)

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