Howling At The Moon

Friday, November 11 2011
Howling At The Moon

It’s rare that a film that hasn’t even confirmed a UK distributor yet has garnered such interest from either the horror cognoscenti or more mainstream publications, but that’s just what’s happened to Strippers Vs Werewolves.

The film is the latest from the UK production outfit Black And Blue which has a knack for picking films with commercial plots, titles and talent that works for both theatrical and, particularly, the home entertainment sector.

Strippers Vs Werewolves ticks all the right boxes: it’s got an outrageous title, it’s got some scantily clad ladies and lads’ mag favourites such as Emmerdale stare Adele Silva and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Lucy Pinder, alongside some macho talent and, in Robert Englund, an instantly recognisable global horror star.

It’s currently being sold to assorted territories at the AFM market on the west coast of the US aheasd of finding a UK distributor. Kaleidoscope’s sales arm is handling the title.

Producer Jonathan Sothcott, a sometime contributor to this very site, said: “Strippers Vs Werewolves is currently selling internationally at the AFM and once the dust has settled there I’ll be looking to find the right UK home for it. With amazing support from every end of the press (the trailer has been in The Sun and The Mail this week and the lads mags LOVE it) and even Howard Stern telling us he can’t wait to see it, this movie really delivers as the ultimate teenage boys movie.”    

Here’s the trailer for the film, which is set to arrive next year… 


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