The Far Side Of The Moon

Tuesday, October 25 2011
The Far Side Of The Moon

Almost two decades since the idea behind it was first dreamt up, well over 10 years since it first aired and a good eight since it was cancelled, Farscape is still well regarded among the sci-fi cognoscenti. 

Many felt its shock cancellation was somewhat premature, some commentators even said its early demise would one day be viewed in the same light as the canning of the original take on Star Trek, but the series still enjoys a cult following. 

So Go Entertain’s November 14 release of Farscape: The Complete Series Blu-ray Edition will be welcomed by those fans with open arms. The mammoth set features a whopping 88 episodes of the series spread across 20 discs. But that’s not the half of it. In addition to every episode of the original series, it also has a whopping 15 hours’ worth of extras, including a brand new documentary, Memories Of Moya: An Epic Journey explored. Other additional features include scores of featurettes and almost 30 episodes contain full commentaries. There’s also artwork, character concept drawings and more. 

Oh, and then there’s the high definition transfer itself. As executive producer Brian Henson (the programme was produced by The Jim Henson Company) noted, the episodes are “better than they’ve ever looked before”.

 Advertising for the release will break a week before the release and will target sci-fi magazines and websites, with Go Entertain promising a “full PR campaign”, with interviews with the cast and reviews across, again, sci-fi magazines and websites and film and TV titles too. One aspect of the marketing includes trailering, and here is the trailer for the release… 

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