Bound But Not Gagged

Thursday, October 20 2011
Bound But Not Gagged

“I can normally keep my freebie envy in check,” said our old pal Jez from Name Creative, when we sent him this picture (he kindly made it look nice, cutting it out and taking the background out), “but I WANT ONE OF THOSE BIG TIME!”

We’ve sent the picture to a few mates too and they are similarly jealous. But that’s the kind of devotion that Eastbound & Down, the series chronicling the life and times of Kenny Powers, a fallen former Major League baseball star, inspires. 

And this talking Kenny Powers bobblehead really is a thing of rare beauty. It features Danny McBride’s comic creation, and it actually talks, saying lines such as “Kenny Powers is a lover” (and there’s at least one obscenity too). 

It arrived on our doorstep courtesy of HBO and its agency Premier PR and was sent out to us as well as assorted other journalists, helping the title garner further coverage (hacks in the know would already have guaranteed it coverage and strong reviews).

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