The Office In Numbers

Wednesday, October 12 2011
The Office In Numbers

After a relatively inauspicious start, The Office has become one of this generation’s biggest comedy phenomena and is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. Home entertainment has always played a big part in the show’s history – not least in the fact that BBC Worldwide was one of the original partners that saw the programme’s potential and invested in it.

As Worldwide’s 2 entertain DVD arm prepares its special anniversary edition for release, complete with the never seen before on home entertainment pilot episode, we look at the series in numbers…

9 – The day in July, 2001, when BBC2 first aired The Office

24 – the day in October 2011 when the anniversary edition is released by 2 entertain. The release is being supported by print advertising

Seven – the release will further be supported by a week-long promotion running across seven days on Absolute Radio, with giveaways and activity on Christian O’Connell’s radio show

Four – the complete collection as contained in the box set will contain four discs and includes not just the rarely seen pilot, but also the Microsoft training videos featuring Ricky Gervais’ David Brent creation…

170 – the number of territories the programme has been shown in

88 – the total number of countries the programme has aired in

1.5 million – sales of the first series of The Office now exceed this number

1 million – sales of the second series of The Office have now eased past this number too…

142,782 – the amount of DVD units sold by the second series of The Office on its first week or release in 2003, making it the fastest selling TV DVD release at the time

74 – the rise in percentage point of sales from the first week of series one to the first week of series two, showing the growth of the phenomenon of The Office… 

1.4 million – initial viewing figures for The Office

3 million – viewing figures for The Office by the time the first series had finished the end of its initial run of repeats. These aired almost immediately after the first run had ended, such was the demand (remember, this was in the days before iPlayer…)

3.76 million – total brand sales of The Office across all its assorted SKUs

Eight – the number of countries that have made their own version of The Office. These include, most notably, the US, alongside Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Israel, Russia and Sweden 

370 million – the estimated earnings, in pounds, from The Office franchise

7 ½ – the total running time of the entire programme, across two series and two specials…

One – the number of Golden Globe awards won by The Office. Not only was it the only British series to be nominated for an award in 25 years, but it was also the first to win…

74 – the record number of takes for one scene of The Office. Gervais recently recounted the tale while discussing the DVDs ahead of the anniversary release. He admitted he spent much of his time on set trying to make the other actors laugh. “Oh yeah, I saw that as my job. I remember Steve [Merchant] saying to me, ‘It’s not enough for you to just have your own show, you have to try to ruin it as well.’ The record for a number of takes for one scene was 74. It was in the second series, where Brent is giving Tim his assessment, I changed the way that I did it for every take and Martin just couldn’t cope with it. He is such an ‘actor’, too — he loves his craft. He was probably sat there thinking, ‘Who’s this fucking fat buffoon who’s never acted before? Why is he in charge?’

For more of Gervais’ thoughts on the anniversary, see here