Top 10 Bestselling Momentum Titles

Wednesday, August 24 2011
Top 10 Bestselling Momentum Titles

One of the more interesting items we picked up on during Momentum’s recent Q4 presentation to The Raygun, looked at the independent’s all-time bestsellers. The company’s strong year, as noted here and on our newsletter, has seen it score the second biggest title of the year on DVD and Blu-ray. And, on the back of that and catalogue potential for the last three months of the year, the company outlined its 10 bestselling titles ever.

So we thought we’d outline them below, with, further down the page, the leading titles of the year to date.

1. P.S. I Love You

One of the most intriguing elements is that Momentum’s biggest selling title ever is this romcom. Its 1.4 million sales achieved thus far have come chiefly as catalogue units. This Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank weepie is as cheesy as hell, but we’ll confess, we actually cried for most of it (we won’t give away too much by saying he dies near the start).

2. The King’s Speech

Momentum firmly believes that this will be the best selling campaign title for the final quarter of 2011 and, given its record-breaking performance thus far, it’s hard to argue against it. A veritable juggernaut of a homegrown film, few had even heard of the film at the start of the year, but in that time it has gone on to amass a vast haul at UK cinemas, some £44 million or so, a figure that has only been bested by the final film in the Harry Potter franchise, The Deathly Hallows Part 2, and has seen only that one summer biggie overtake it. Even as we were writing this, its figure overtook that of the number three titke (see below), and, by the time the year’s out, it will be Momentum’s bestselling title, as well as holding the top slot on its theatrical earners chart too.

3. The Football Factory

Another remarkable success, this is as far removed from The King’s Speech, which recently overtook it in terms of sales, as you can get. What’s all the more remarkable about its 1.3 million sales is that on its initial release there were fears that its sales would be hampered by the pirate copies doing the rounds at football clubs up and down the country. There are numerous theories as to how an early cut of the film made it into the hooligans’ hands, but it’s clear that the very culture celebrated in Nick Love’s tale of Chelsea and Millwall firms contributed to the amount of copies that ended up being traded on the terraces. Your own Raygun correspondent was once chastised by a Millwall-supporting member of his family, who, ahead of the film’s theatrical bow, said: “How come everyone else at Millwall’s got a copy of this and I can’t get one even though my cousin works in the industry?” It’s testament to Momentum’s marketing nous that they got many who’d already seen snide copies to go out and buy legitimate ones, and entice a lot more punters on the way too. On the downside, it widely popularised the phrase “jog on”, which as anyone who’s seen an interview with Katie Price will testify, is not necessarily a good thing…

4. Amelie

Makes The Football Factory look all the more incongruous, nestled between The King’s Speech and this foreign language classic which, as well as being one of Momentum’s top titlesalso has the distinction of being one of the bestselling subtitled films ever. Now celebrating its 10th anniversary (a fact which should make anyone who’s been in the industry a while suddenly feel an awful lot older), which gives Momentum another chance to add to its 1 million plus sales. Its also being marked by a first ever Blu-ray release, complete with a new documentary offering a 45-minute masterclass with director Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Momentum’s Kristin Ryan said: “The highly acclaimed award winning film transcended the foreign language barrier to become one of the highest selling DVD releases of all time and its Blu-ray release will swiftly follow a selection of special cinema screenings and events to mark the anniversary.”

5. Racing Stripes

Further enhancing Momentum’s credibility, this talking animal tale showed that it can do children’s fare as well as anyone, elevating this decent enough fare – but one without say a Disney, Pixar or DreamWorks branding – to 1 million plus unit sales.

6. Miss Potter

Hovering just under the 1 million mark, the company believes that this one will pass that magic figure before the year is out, aided by further catalogue sales.

7. Lost In Translation

Given its still-strong credibility – it’s arguably one of the coolest films of the last decade to cross over to the mainstream (we still play its soundtrack to this day) – you’d have thought that this title would be higher up the chart, but that’s as much down to its successful PR as anything. Its sales should be further boosted this Q4, thanks to a first ever Blu-ray release from Momentum. It’s being joined in October by the adorementioned Amelie, as well as the company’s Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (just outside this 10, incidentally) and Requiem For A Dream as a rather hip quartet of new to Blu-ray titles. The fact that all four are released alongside each other will enable the company to further boost its marketing.

8. The 51st State

Like The Football Factory before it, this homegrown title, albeit one with a big name Hollywood star leading the way, is punching above its weight somewhat appearing higher up in this top 10 than you might have imagined. Samuel L Jackson’s presence certainly helped give it a leg-up, but it further illustrates the company’s canny marketing on limited theatrical and DTV titles.

9.  The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo

If you were to combine the sales of the three different titles in the franchise together, Stieg Larssen’s Millennium trilogy would be Momentum’s biggest seller, with sales now around the 1.5 million mark. Now all three titles are out there, expect plenty more box set sales to be added too; an extended edition pulling the trio together, offering more than two hours’ worth of unseen scenes, makes for the perfect fan item, both as a self-purchase and within the gifting market too.

10. Defiance

Another perfect example of Momentum’s abilities to carve out successful sales with titles that aren’t necessarily blockbusters, this wartime actioner appears ahead of other, far higher profile titles.

This year’s top 10 bestselling list is, of course, topped by The King’s Speech, followed by The Girl Who Played With Fire, Skyline, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest, The Mechanic, Limitless, The Fighter, Dear John and Monsters; another varied selection.

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