Top 10 Bestsellers January To June 2011

Wednesday, August 10 2011
Top 10 Bestsellers January To June 2011

The BVA has unveiled the figures for the first half of 2011, totting up the January to June sales and other elements.

Sales for the first half of the year were down overall on the same period of 2010, but less than you might have been led to believe; 5.7 per cent, a figure that compares well with other industries, certainly for games and audio. We covered it extensively on last week’s newsletter), but here’s some interesting stuff from the announcement: the top 10 sellers between January and June 2011, with supporting figures (and our words of wisdom too). 

  1. Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1
    The penultimate instalment in the long-running franchise had already notched up sales of more than 2 million discs by the end of June 2011, making it the year’s biggest seller. What’s more, it has added plenty of sales since then thanks to the continued momentum of the franchise. In case you hadn’t noticed, the final part of the Potter series, Deathly Hallows Part 2, has now done some £60 plus million at UK cinemas and will, some pundits reckon, end up as not only the biggest adaptation of any of JK Rowling’s series, but also the second highest grossing film of all time, beaten only by Avatar. Oh, and this should also end up on home entertainment formats in Q4 too, which will mean a whole new burst of sales. Expect plenty of final box set sales too.
  2. The King’s Speech (Momentum)
    The biggest non-franchise earner of 2011, with sales of more than 1.2 million to the end of June. Momentum’s biggest ever seller too, this, unlike Potter, came from nowhere to be a huge box office draw, before cementing its reputation on home entertainment. 
  3. Despicable Me (Universal)
    The biggest children’s earner in the first part of 2011, this, like The King’s Speech, is rather more of a surprise, beating off competition from, say, Disney to shift more than 850,000 units. The secret of its success? Both at theatrical and on DVD and Blu-ray, the film scored because of its sheer charm and comedy, marketed extremely well. And those cute minions provided great creative opportunities for the respective campaigns.
  4. Paul (Universal)
    Universal had a great 2010, ending up, as we’ve noted elsewhere, as the leading distributor of that year, at least in volume terms. And 2011 Is shaping up pretty well too, thanks to the aforementioned Despicable Me and, at the other end of the scale (certainly in terms of its language, which is much, much fiercer than family fare and was certainly a key element in its 15 certificate). Another homegrown success too, the film coming from UK comedy duo Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.
  5. Inception (Warner)
    Almost like a recurring dream, Inception has continued to put viewers into a trance-like state at the tills in 2011 in the same way it did towards the end of the previous year. It was the fifth bestselling title of 2010, and achieved the same position in the first six months of this year too.
  6. Tangled (Disney)
    A top 10 of sales, be it quarterly, every six months or annual, wouldn’t be the same without a Disney title and Tangled, the second best children’s seller between January and June, takes that slot here.
  7. The Hangover (Warner)
    Universal did it in terms of volume in 2010 and Warner was leading distributor by value over the same period and, like its fellow major studio, has had another strong start to this year, with more to come, not least the second part of the Harry Potter double header. This has certainly given its sales for the year a nice little boost, particularly seeing as the comedy originally came out back in 2011. Its success shows the importance of drafting and how, if you get it right, it can pay dividends. It has sold 418,000 units on the back of its sequel this year.
  8. Taken (Fox)
    Fox’s biggest title of the year, the Liam Neeson actioner is another that was a drafting success, riding on the back of the actor’s latest, Unknown, which came out at cinemas in March. It sold just 3,000 less than The Hangover in the first six months.
  9. Due Date (Warner)
    Similar in tone to The Hangover and, in Zach Galifianakis, boasting one of its big stars too. What’s more, it’s another Warner title as well.
  10. Grown Ups (SPHE)
    Sony’s biggest success of 2011, with it proving that comedy is still a big seller, with 40 per cent of the titles in the top 10 between January and June. Although at 223,000 units, it was well behind the 347,000 sold by Due Date.
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