Then I Saw Their Faces, Now I’m A Belieber

Wednesday, August 3 2011
Then I Saw Their Faces, Now I’m A Belieber

Thousands of Justin Bieber fans, better known as Beliebers, line up outside HMV’s flagship 150 Oxford Street store to mark the launch of Paramount’s Bieber feature, Never Say Never. The event gave diehard fans the chance to buy the DVD and Blu-ray title a day before its official release, there were prizes galore, karaoke and, of course, masks aplenty for the fans, here queuing up waiting patiently (or as patiently as young girls can) for the security gates to open.

If there were such a thing as The Raygun picture of the week, then this would undoubtedly pick up the prize, as it has some kind of strange, magic eye-style effect on you while you stare at it. And for film fans, of course, it’s eerily reminiscent of the Being John Malkovich key artwork.

The event itself helped get the release off to a good start. As Paramount marketing director Lesley Henry said: “We are incredibly excited to have successfully released Justin Bieber’s official Never Say Never documentary. His UK fans are hugely engaged and we’ve been running a social media / fan-engagement campaign throughout the period between theatrical and our home entertainment release – with regular updates to his 11 million Twitter followers and 33 million Facebook fans!  We then revved up the hype to fever pitch hosting this fun, fan-event in HMV, Oxford Street.  We have been really thrilled to see the amazing coverage in the press and the video has already been liked by over 20,000 fans on Justin’s Facebook page.

“Never Say Never has been selling out like hot cakes with conversion levels well above average for this genre.”

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