Well Good

Wednesday, July 20 2011
Well Good

The next few weeks will see retro-mania coming to the fore, as a flurry of vintage -themed activity is set to take place, not least the Vintage Festival, curated by the creator of the Red Or Dead range, Wayne Hemingway, due to take place on the South Bank in London. And this wave of British-based nostalgia sweeping both those old enough to have seen some of it before and young enough for it to all be new to them, is the perfect time for Optimum to ramp up its British catalogue activity and, in particular, its Ealing titles.

The latest to arrive is Went The Day Well, which is both war movie (and Optimum has been releasing a few of those recently) and Ealing flick. It’s getting its first Blu-ray release this week  on the back of a recent BFI-sanctioned  theatrical reissue, and precedes a host of other titles coming to Blu-ray and DVD, including a theatrical re-release this Friday for The Lavender Hill Mob ahead of BD, and plenty of publicity and promotional brouhaha around the Vintage event. 

It’s all part of a mammoth effort to restore some of the more notable titles from Optimum’s vast Studiocanal library (as recently reported, the company will be taking the Studiocanal name shortly). 

The company’s head of catalogue development Candy Vincent-Smith said: “Inspired by the current obsession for all things “vintage”, we wanted to bring all our old classic film releases together under one umbrella branding, so that you would have the likes of Kind Hearts And Coronets nestled together with a more modern classic such as Nic Roeg’s Don’t Look Now, or perhaps a lesser known Ealing ripe for rediscovery such as Went The Day Well? The addition of the year of production on the spine is a nice touch for the collector, along the lines of our numbering the Ghibli collection in the past.”

We’ve been watching a lot of these, most recently Went The Day Well? which is not only a wartime classic, but looks great too. 

Here’s a trailer from its theatrical re-release…

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