Less Is More

Tuesday, July 19 2011
Less Is More

Regular readers of this website will have noted that we love a good gif of a 3D sleeve, as it still excites us in the way that a torch shining on a wall can get a cat to go loopy. “Look!” we squeal with delight. “It’s moving!”

So it is with great pride that we present this offering, from Momentum, for its August 1 release of Limitless. 

The independent is at the vanguard of creating lenticular sleeves, its recent releases such as Monsters have lent themselves perfectly to the idea of a 3D representation. 

And, as Momentum’s Kristin Ryan says: “The release is packaged in a stand out lenticular O Card – an effect that works brilliantly with the artwork – ensuring maximum stand out on shelf.”

It’s part of an impressive campaign for the release and continues Momentum’s purple patch of big hitters. If anything, Limitless is one of its more notable successes, in that it came from almost nowhere and went on to enjoy a notable theatrical success. This was aided by some smart viral marketing, which helped the film become a much-talked about release.

While that was more of a one-off – you couldn’t fool the public into believing the Underground ads about made-up drug NZT again, although this is being used for social media and will work effectively there – Momentum’s campaign can now really confer event status on to the film. With an £8 million haul at UK cinemas, the presence of Bradley Cooper, currently cementing his reputation as Hollywood’s go-to leading man, and a hugely commercial plot, and genre, Momentum is perfectly placed to turn this into a roaring DVD and Blu-ray success. 

As Ryan says: “It’s the the perfect genre for home entertainment and we’re supporting it heavily with an event-sized media campaign, striking in-store POS and strong supporting promotions and PR.  

:Our core target audience is 18-34-year-old men but the film’s appeal goes much further, both to younger audiences intrigued by the action and aspirational lifestyle and to an older audience attracted to the film’s more cerebral, high concept storyline.  And considering Bradley’s sex symbol status there’s definitely an opportunity to market the film to women of all ages.

The film is incredibly visual with some great chase scenes and brilliant visual effects so TV is our key medium with a heavyweight campaign across mainstream channels and programming and more male skewed action outlets.  With such strong recognisable artwork and in consideration of the summer release date we’ve planned a heavy outdoor national poster campaign which includes massive 48 sheet sites in key London areas and a digital six sheet creative which will showcase the film’s dynamic visuals.  This is supported with national newspaper and men’s style press ads and an online campaign designed to hit high DVD purchasers, men 16-24 years old and 18-24 years old and women via sites such as MSN, xbox dashboard, facebook, FHM and Heatworld.  The unique angle of the NZT pill is a great hook especially for social media sites and will supplement our campaign.

Ryan concludes: “The PR will focus on Bradley Cooper activity alongside features on psychopharmacology, brain training and enhancement, body language and pushing your mind and body to the limits and competitions and promotions in association with extreme activities, travel providers and new technology hardware companies.”

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