War! What Is It Good For?

Monday, April 26 2010
War! What Is It Good For?

Well, in answer to the above question, for Metrodome, it invariably means strong sales.

Here’s a couple of Monday morning goodies for you, trailers from Metrodome for a brace of May 3 releases. 

The independent sends them out as a regular promotional device to assorted websites, blogs and the like to embed (as we’ve done here) and don’t underestimate the power of this kind of activity – its Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus trailer is up to a whopping 2 million views and counting. 

And, as the company notes, titles such as these, which offer up a high action quotient, tend to draw even more viewers. 

First up is City Of War: The Story Of John Rabe, starring Steve Buscemi – the war genre has proved exceedingly profitable for Metrodome in recent years – followed by martial arts actioner The Assassin’s Blade. 


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