Pack Of Three

Thursday, June 9 2011
Pack Of Three

In the cutthroat DTV market, with independent and major distributors battling against each other for shelf space in-store as competition increases, anything a label can do to make itself stand out is crucial in getting it past the buyers and into shops.

Sleeve design is one of those key elements, and marketers are increasingly looking beyond the key art provided by a sales agent or producer for ways of dressing up their films.

We’ve had specially commissioned photoshoots (in one notable case using buyers as extras) and illustrated sleeves inspired by the film, but taking it one stage further.

It’s where marketing types can be truly creative, and one element The  Raygun positively celebrates…

So we loved the sleeve for the July 4 release of its French horror The Pack (featured on the left).

For starters it’s been designed by Graham Humphreys, who has been behind his fair share of classic artwork, not least the seminal sleeve for Palace’s UK release of The Evil Dead and the equally legendary 3D sleeve for The Cramps’ Off The Bone greatest hits package. And that’s just the start of an impressive CV and portfolio that includes A Nightmare On Elm Street, Basket Case and loads more. Oh, and he’s also a nice bloke to boot.

As Icon’s Rebecca Burns says: “We have our dedicated horror site and facebook page and through this wanted to make horror fans part of the process of the creation of the sleeve art.

 ‘We asked Graham to work up a series of sketches [see below] for the sleeve then posted them on the Prepare To Be Scared facebook site so fans had the opportunity to go on and vote for their favourite of three selected designs.”

The activity was further promoted through the likes of SFX magazine, see here for its coverage, and was promoted through Icon’s online activity byond facebook, such as Twitter and its youtube page.

Now the winner has been chosen – and very good it looks too – Icon has also put together a featurette about Humphreys’ work on the design for a DVD extra.

As if that wasn’t enough, Icon has also cut a new trailer, see below. 

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