Slay To Win

Tuesday, March 15 2011
Slay To Win

Cine Asia and its parent Showbox are among the smartest operators within the Asian cinema market, with an unerring knack of tracking down some of the biggest and best titles from territories all across the region.

Woochi, its big April release, or, to give it its full title, Woochi: The Demon Slayer, is indicative not only of the company’s track record of spotting Asian cinema hits that can work in the UK – it’s not just a matter of picking up blockbusters from the region, would that it were that easy and there are some titles that just don’t work over here – but also its strong relationships with sales companies that enable it to virtually cherry pick such titles.

The film itself is a genre-hopping romp that travels through time (we’ve seen it and we wouldn’t even begin to tell you any more detail, suffice to say it’s a mind-boggling plot that sounds ridiculous on paper, but works on the screen) and features plenty of impressive action set-pieces, ranging from CGI-heavy effects to traditional wire work elements.

As ever, Showbox’s Cine Asia imprint has its own formula for this sector, which includes TV advertising on selected channels, national newspaper and film and men’s magazine press spots too.

As Showbox’s Steve Rivers said: “Woochi is a surprise gem, feedback from advanced screeners have been extremely positive endorsing why this film was the number one Asian box office smash hit.”

Here’s the trailer:

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